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30 September 2010

We've got the FEVO Fever


Contest will cease on 10 October 2010 at 2359h.
5 winners will be announced on the blog on 11 October 2010.

Competitions of any kind get my immediate interest. Competitions with cool prizes have the added factor of getting my adrenaline going.
What I'm gonna be trying for this week are a PAIR of Asiasoft FEVO cards. Yeah... you read that right. A PAIR.
Simply because, I already have a FEVO card. For winners who don't already have a FEVO card, you'll only win ONE. But even ONE is good, isn't it? Cos its LIMITED EDITION, it has $10 STORED VALUE in it, and it retails for $30 cos its LIMITED EDITION.

Here's a quick peep at these babies...

Anyhow, it's a no-brainer. All I have to do, is answer 4 easy questions.
In case you all haven't been paying attention to our previous posts on FEVO cards, I'm giving you some hints. Why am I so nice? Because I believe in fair play.

*A Fevo card functions just like a normal MasterCard, just that it's prepaid.
*Its usable at over 29.4 Million merchants world wide. Get that. World wide. Online, offline, IRL... everything. As long as MasterCard is accepted.
*Unlike credit cards, there is no age requirement, no annual fee, no minimum income requirement to own one.
*You can buy FEVO cards at Singpost outlets, but only the normal cards... the personalised FEVO cards have to be bought online.
*The Asiasoft cards are only available for a month - Now til 31st October 2010. To find out more about the Asiasoft card, visit this link :
*The Asiasoft FEVO card does not have the ez-link function though.

Ok. No more hints. That's all I'm sharing.
So... Here are the questions,

1. FEVO prepaid card can be used to make purchases and payments just like any credit or debit card wherever ____________ is accepted worldwide.
2. How many designs are there for the Limited Edition Asiasoft themed FEVO Cards?
3. Where can I purchase my personalized FEVO cards?
4. Using a sentence, elaborate on how you will like to spend with FEVO Prepaid card. (Be creative!)

Here is how you submit your answers :
Mail them to in the below format:

Answer 1:
Answer 2:
Answer 3:
Answer 4:
*Name as registered under FEVO / Asiasoft FEVO card:
*Last 4-digits of FEVO card:
Contact no.:
Contest source (Blogger’s website:
*Required if you already have a FEVO/Asiasoft FEVO card that DOUBLES your winnings! (2 cards of your choice)

Please note that ONLY entries with all these information, in this format, will be accepted.

Contest will cease on 10 October 2010 at 2359h.
5 winners will be announced on the blog on 11 October 2010.
*Winners will also be notified via email

And for the boring stuff, which you all should know:
Terms and Conditions
1. One entry per contestant per blog. We will refer to the first entry should there be duplicates.
2. Only entries submitted during the contest period will be recognized.

SO... May the best (wo)man win!!

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