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27 October 2010

ESTC Thailand 2010

Greeting earthlings!
after re-joining the team for around 6 months i have finally decided to try and contribute here.
Have been playing alot more recently because of my 3 days old desktop which hy surprised me with. in the past it was on my bootcamp-ed mac followed by his acer laptop which was originally meant for school.
Who says macs are lousy.
my white mac lasted me for 2 years, massive usage every day before it starting lagging recently and it prompted me to do a virus check and end up deleting some important system stuff which AVG tells me its ok.
Plus i was running dual OS on it.
That acer lappy took about 1 month.

One thing i like to do is to smurf and play on garena.
its so much more fun when people dont see your nick and instantly brands you to be something more, or less.
AND you get to see people expose themselves unwittingly. what can be more fun.
Maybe its in ever human's blood to first question before trusting. so that when you actually finds something that proves your point that that somebody isnt as nice as you think, you feel reassured, and console yourself by saying it wasnt a surprise while nursing your battered self.
Besides, i get to crap talk anybody i see and nobody cares because unlike my own account, nobody needs me to be extra mature and demure.


Since Asterisk is a gaming team and people come here naturally expecting game related updates, i am going to do everyone a very big favor and actually talk about our Thailand ESTC trip!
love you too dawn.

Tammy Cyn and I arrived in Bangkok on 12th Oct night on tickets that were pre-bought more than 1 month ago when Tam saw some 1 for 1 buddy fares on jetstar.
We only bought for the 3 of us cause Dawn and Kim had obligations and cant confirm anytime soon and kim ended up being super animated cause she was left out.
ya so we arrived in style where i got this kid scolded by his mum because he was playing with the luggage cart like me in the airport.
anyway that aside, we managed to find our guides from ESTC pretty easily and took the newly constructed "MRT" to our hotel.
it was so bloody convenient can.
imagine Bishan MRT and Junction 8.

Had a really bad night sleep stuck between tam and cyn on the uneven double single beds.
Kim will be flying over in the afternoon hurray!

Us in our room.
Mega loads of memories in that hotel!
Headed to this super nice duck noodles store around the hotel which tammy has been whining about.
that dark red thing is DUCK BLOOD.
so gross wth.
but its so nice its actually whine-able, the soup, not the blood.

omg everything there is like super duper cheap and the quality doesnt suck.
we saw alot of foreigners carrying those mega big plastic PRC bags and mass buying things there to bring back to their own country to sell.
trying(and buying) shoes at the first shop i went in.
and they all ended up buying the same one as me save for cyn.
the 2 of them are like super lihai, they bought along very big bags to stuff their shopping into while i was stuck carrying those bags until my shoulders and hands hurt.
Well deserved break with gosu mango salad and even more gosu ice teas!

my loot at the end of the day.
with a distorted fish.
i spent 3.5k baht which is like 170 bucks which means i am left with 30 dollars for the rest of the week.
its a good thing i have team mates with credit cards LOL

and from this photo u can see how often on a daily basis they ignore me.

Day 3 - ESTC commence
Its so hard to look forward to going somewhere early in the morning when you know traffic is gonna be hell LOL
plus kim and i stayed up late talking throughout the night so we were both damn "seh" and angry with dawn who arrived in the morning and banged on our door.
describe feeling murderous.

THERE WASNT ANY HAIR DRYER!!!!!!!!! *insert random grumbles*
man its when u travel overseas where u realise how much you rely on technology TT
Kim Me Cyn
then this was the moment where kim decided she looks very nice without a chin.
for example.
then we all did it.
hope this is enough to haunt whoever is reading this for a very long time. HAHAHA

Played our first show match against the AXIS girls team ON THE STAGE.
nerve wrecking and VERY cold.
i loved it the most when my team mates all moved their screen and seats closer to me so they can hear what im saying on top of the stage sounds. <3

it was a really good game if i may say so myself, we were losing quite badly at the start but we managed to hold and gain back control.
there were a couple of mistakes but none deadly so i'd say everybody did well.
playing on stage and hearing the crowd roar feels really, really good.
plus they were all rooting for our opponent HAHA!
If u're curious, the replay's at the download section.

Good times didnt last long though.
We suffered an extremely embarrassing defeat to our opponent in the main bracket.
Man how many stagematch wins i would give up to proceed to top 8. TT
And it was mainly because of me that we lost, screwed up the drafting and my mid solo (AGAIN).
i was using a spiky com but im not looking for an excuse. was so sian for the rest of the day but heng there's kaori around to whine to.
Room service and frequent trips to the convenience store opposite our hotel pretty much sums up our day.

Day 4/5
Shopped a little bit more, watched some games at Siam Paragon.
Then we had dinner at this seafood zhu chao place they went to last year.
super nice food for a mere 10bucks a person.
max out my cravings for cockles.
it was so good i went back with Scythe on sunday again HAHA

Saturday started off with kim walking around in her underwear in our room.
then we headed to the competition venue again fully expecting to play against the same axis girls team we played on the first day. apparently there was some communication error and it turns out we're pking Roccat.Try girls!
which incidentally is part of the team which beat them last year HAHAHAHA
its not a stage match but still streamed nonetheless.
our draft!
the Roccat girls with us.
love their synchronized outfits, stands out in a sea of people.
we might start doing it too! LOL
won that game too but i thought we could have done better.

Day 6 - Sunday
screwed up my body clock by waking up late, 4 pm kind of late on a vacation while cyn and tam went to cha tut chat morning which i really regret not dragging my ass off my bed for.
they found some really squirmy exotic animals that are cute enough to want to eat it alive.
this is a very gorgeous photo of tam

from this point on everybody got really sick of being stuck in thailand until our flight on tuesday night. LOL
bought some random stuffs here and there.
Just know that we all made it safely back to singapore!

I shall end off here by showing a photo of tammy's boobs.
or cyn's..
or kim's....
or dawn's.....

u can let it be anybody's actually.


  1. lol nice read. and oh, don't give yourself all the credit for screwing up in that game vs cutto. we all did. lmao.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hello,
    I m very glad for reading all the condition what u all did at Thailand. I'd like to see more photos of cynthia coz I am a fan of her. How can I get contact with her? I wish ur team to win forever in dota world LOL. :) Hope to hear soon. See u.

  4. she has a face book page @
    its updated regularly!