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Team Sponsors

13 August 2015

Asterisk* Trials 2015 - Registration of Interest

Asterisk* is expanding our family!
We are not just looking for new members for our DOTA 2 team but also for our League of Legends and the newly formed Counterstrike: Global Offensive team! We are excited to plan for our first Heroes of the Storm team too!
So if you are passionate about gaming and like Asterisk* and what we do, register your interest in the form below!

Don't be worried if you have no competitive experience! We welcome all female gamers based in Singapore who loves gaming and always strives to be better!

06 August 2015

Armaggeddon SEAC Singapore Qualifiers - Group Stage

Thank you to all teams that took part in the Armaggeddeon SEAC Singapore Qualifiers!
The group stage of the tournament has ended and the following teams will advance to the playoffs which will happen on 15-16 August at Funan IT Mall!
 First Departure
 Singapore Rejects
These 4 teams will play a round of 4 and the 2 teams which proceed will meet the 2 teams that qualified from the NUS CGF - ABC and Kingdom in another round of 4.
All games will be a BO1, except for 1st/2nd place which will be a BO3.

Also, major thanks to our 2 amazing casters, HadesDota and ShawnSnappy!
Don't give up if your team did not make it to the playoffs this time! Follow and check back on our fanpage for updates on upcoming tournaments, and see you all at Funan next week!

Our official on site caster for the tournament - Sean "Hades" Goh

Singapore Rejects taking first place in the morning bracket

WaitZ in second place in the morning bracket
First Departure in a 3 way tie in the afternoon bracket, eventually proceeding to the playoffs with TSB+4

And a bonus pic of NewP, the youngest team at the tournament

Group Stage Brackets :

Morning timeslot games

Afternoon timeslot games

31 July 2015

The Newest LAN Gaming Centre in Singapore - Enzo

Some of you might be wondering what this new lanshop is, and where it is after seeing Armaggeddon SEAC Qualifier announcements. We got the owners to give us a quick profile of their new venture :

We Are Enzo
Started by gamers for gamers – Enzo Games (Enzo) is a newly-launched online / LAN gaming centre aimed at providing an enhanced gaming experience. Our set up of 100 high-speed computers are fitted-out with top quality gaming paraphernalia and a dedicated high-speed internet line, all aimed at creating an enjoyable gaming experience for casual and professional gamers alike.
Open 24 hours daily, Enzo is the perfect choice for friends looking to bond over a game or those looking to learn from the experts at our shop! We are located at 83 Syed Alwi Road, which is right opposite Mustafa Centre, one of Singapore’s hottest late-night shopping scene and a tourist hotspot.
Founded in 2014 by a group of three friends who saw great potential in the Singapore gaming community, we started Enzo to promote the electronic sports (“e-sports”) scene in Singapore. As the popularity of e-sports increases, we look forward to hosting LAN tournaments and parties and help gamers connect. In the long-run, we aim to produce champions such as Ho Kun Xian (better known as "Xian”), that can represent Singapore at international tournaments.
For more information, please visit
Enzo Games
Address:        83 Syed Alwi Road
Singapore 207662

Here are some pictures!

Comfy cushion seats

Choice of racing style seats

Daily crowd enjoying the bright atmosphere and comfortable seats

the 2 owners of Enzo

19 July 2015

Armaggeddon SEAC Singapore Qualifiers

We are happy to be the tournament organisers of the Armaggeddon SEAC Singapore Qualifiers 2015! The winner of this tournament will win themselves a trip to Jakarta, Indonesia to represent Singapore in the SEAC Grand Finals! Only 32 slots are available so sign up quick! 

27 May 2015

The CPL Championship - DOTA 2 Edition : UPDATES

We are currently at 43/64 teams!
A few teams who have signed up have yet to make payment, and we’d like to encourage you to do so to secure your timeslot.
The Saturday 27th June 2015 12pm-5pm and 5pm-10pm timeslots in particular are very popular, and they are almost full.
Teams which sign up later will be allocated into timeslots which have space, regardless of the timeslots they prefer.  

In light of some queries received, we have decided to offer teams a special on-site accommodation arrangement. Teams who are interested in participating in The CPL Championship DOTA 2 Edition may top up a small fee to stay on-site at the event venue. This is a great idea for overseas teams who are travelling on a budget, and teams who might wish to have a small training camp at LAN together. This offer is only valid for members from teams who have signed up and paid for the registration fee.

A sleeping space costs SGD30 per person for 1 night, or SGD50 per person for 2 nights.
If you also require a LAN connection, power plug and sleeping bag in addition to the sleeping space, it’s SGD 119 per person for the whole event.
(The SGD 119 package is recommended for teams who might want to train together on site. However, do note that computers are only provided for the competition games, but you are welcome to bring your own computer/laptop for training.)
If you wish to take advantage of this package, please fill up the google document below!  

Prizes : SGD3000 in cash, and additional products for the top 16 teams
Registration Fee : SGD25 per team
Timeslots :
 Friday 26 June 2015 8pm-1am
Saturday 27 June 2015 1am-6am
Saturday 27 June 2015 12pm-5pm (Full)
Saturday 27 June 2015 5pm-10pm (Almost full)

Teams who wish to register may do so at this link
Rules and regulations are available at this link