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28 October 2009

News and Media


Straits Times Life
PMS* gamer queens [pic] [link]
Straits Times Life pinksheep* bookends [pic] [link]
Straits Times RazorTV pinksheep* [link1] [link2]

Iron.Lady 2010 Championship

MYM Iron.Lady includes DotA [pic] [link]
MYM PMS* vs DotA MM in Iron.Lady [pic] [link]
MYM Iron.Lady kicks off [pic] [link]
NeoTV PMS* Team Introduction [pic] [link]
NeoTV PMS* Member Introduction [pic] [link] Iron.Lady 2010 [pic] [link]
GamingEssence PMS* Introduction [pic] [link]
GamingAxis China PMS* Introduction [pic] [link] PMS* Introduction [pic] [link]
Tatazu PMS* Member Introduction [pic] [link]
DOTA 818 Iron.Lady 2010 Coverage [pic] [link]

MYM Day 1 Coverage [pic] [link]
MYM Day 2 Coverage [pic] [link] Day 1 [pic] [link] Day 2 [pic] [link] Frontpage [pic] Coverage [pic] [link]

MYM PMS* wins Iron.Lady title [pic] [link]
Fight.PCGames PMS* wins Iron.Lady 2010 [pic] [link] [pic 1, 2, 3] [link 1, 2, 3]
News.Replays.Net PMS* wins Iron.Lady 2010 [pic] [link]
Garena Vietnam PMS* wins Iron.Lady title [pic] [link] PMS* wins Iron.Lady title [pic] [link]


ESTC 2009
Girls Talk [pic] [link]
FutureGamer Backstage Interview [pic] [link]
FutureGamer Press Coverage [pic] [link]
Garena Girls Talk about ESTC [pic] [link] Interviews PMS* [pic] [link]
VZONEGames News Coverage [pic] [link] Team Introduction [pic] [link] Pre-ESTC Coverage [pic] [link] Photograph with Fans [pic] [link]

SGNDT 2009
MYM PMS* during blackout [pic] [link]
MYM Live Coverage of MYM vs PMS Asterisk* match [pic] [link] Live Coverage of MYM vs PMS Asterisk* match [pic] [link] Interviews PMS* Pre-SMM [pic] [link] Live PMS* Coverage [pic] [link]
GosuGamers Coverage [pic] [link] Pre-SMM Coverage [pic] [link] [pic] [link] Coverage [pic] [link] Coverage [pic] [link]

Adrenaline TV Live Interview [pic] [link]
NSMAN Magazine Interview [pic] [link]

2005 - 2008

2008 - SAFRA Magazine WCG Interview [pic] [link]
2008 - Malay-Mail Newspaper SMM News Article [pic] [link]
2008 - MYM PMS at ESWC Masters of Paris [pic] [link]
2008 - Game Axis Magazine interviews furryfish* [pic 1, 2]
2008 - IAHgames interviews furryfish* [pic] [link]
2008 - interviews furryfish* [pic] [link]
2008 - GeekBot interviews pinksheep* [pic] [link]

2007 - Today Newspaper
features PMS* during WCG [pic] [link]

2005 -
interviews furryfish* and w4ndeRz-* [pic] [link]
2005 - interviews furryfish* [pic] [link]

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