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10 November 2009

Female gaming - what is it all about?

[the bold portions are quotes from the article] 

The Pan-European Tournament was awesome but of course after the show was over and all the guys took photos with every single girl that was actually prettier than avarage they've started spaming forums or websites saying "girls can't play".
what came to my mind when i read this was... that female competitions seem to be more entertainment than competition. i mean, afterall, the gaming audience is about... 85% male?

Why should teams invest their money and time in females? "It's hard to admit but there's only one thing that comes to my mind. It's worth investing money in female gaming because girls are beautiful and what's better than showing t-shirts with team logo worn by somebody with nice breasts and round butt?".
guys like to look at girls. thats not our fault. nuff said.

Girls still have to learn how to be professional. The way they are perceived won't be changed any time soon if the results won't come. Prove to us that you're worth being called professional. Stop whining and changing rosters every month. Focus on how to be the best and if you really want it, guys will notice that.
i do agree with this to a certain extent.but then again, why do we need guys to validate us? i game because i like to. if i win, i don't care if guys take notice or not. i just feel good!
so, you might ask, what is the part you agree with?
"stop whining and changing rosters every month" <---
=x one of my signature lines in game is "stop whining and just play"
as for changing rosters - this seems to be a pretty common phenomenon with guys teams too. girls tend to stick tighter simply because there are no more girls to recruit, so you're stuck in the 5 no matter what.
that said, its EXTREMELY rewarding to be in a stable 5, and to see improvements week by week, game by game.

some comment:
"About the article, I don't get why you felt you had to write the whole introduction about women's rights history through mankind. We're talking about female gamers ffs! This has nothing to do with having the right to vote or earning as much as a man."
not only is gaming seen to be out of the female sphere, its seen as an activity that males take part in. when females trespass, it IS quite obvious that, being the minority, they WILL get special attention - whether negative or positive.  

furryfish's take on things - 

why i game.
i game because it has been a hobby of mine for the longest time. i started out on serious pc gaming when i was 10 because of warcraft 2.
i take part competitively because i'm competitive by nature, and i believe in taking my sports to the highest level possible. since i fractured my ankle in a floorball compie a few years back, i've devoted my energy to dota and my team.

why i choose an all girls team.
i have to admit that i'd probably get further in competitions if i went with a mixed line up. its simple to just let the guys lead in terms of gameplay and movement while you follow up. its easy to let guys think of the strats, and do the calculations and let them instruct you.
when i started out in rEv0, we had in houses in fixed line ups. in my line up, i was the team drafter and commander, and we pwned all the other all-male line ups except the best team.
i got lazy as time passed, and after playing regularly with better guy players, because its just easy to let them take control.

then, i started feeling abit "extra" and redundant, and started questioning how good i was without someone to command me.
in an all girls team, all the girls play a part. you can't just sit around passively and trust that the drafter picks something good, you can't just stand back and wait for someone else to take the initiative in engagements. YOU have to be the one doing all this. 
and when you get results, 

being sponsored.
being sponsored just came along. when you're the ONE female team seen regularly in the scene for a while, getting sponsors just come along by themselves. you tend to stand out like a packet of green tea in a carton of coke cans.
once you're sponsored, there's no turning back. its a mutually benefitting relationship that you just have to take care of. sponsors allow us to experience gaming in a totally different dimension, and to keep the sponsors, we have to do our part for media and publicity. not so much HAVE to, actually, there have been no demands on us from our sponsors. but we DO want to return as much as we can to them... gratitude perhaps? 
keeping our sponsors happy also increases the chances of continued support =)


  1. I am all in for girls playing the game we love in a highly competitive manner. What better way to prove to the public that E-sports or Competitive Gaming is for Everyone with a real life example of dedicated females playing in a male-dominated scene braving all odds and perhaps coming out tops once in a while against male line-ups.

    However, the support I give for all-girls (or partial-girl) teams is precisely due to their bravery of facing down the odds in an almost "no-win" situation rather than true skills shown in a skill-obssessed scene. I support female-gaming due to the "attention" it will bring to scene and the potential sponsors it will attract that will eventually trickle down to the rest of us. Sponsors are whats keeping the scene alive and kicking and I am fully supportive of every initiative that will make this part of the scene grow.

    Judging from the way you present this article, I would go so far to conclude the value your team brings to sponsors will certainly exceed what all-star teams like Cybertime and Kingsurf will and I will not be surprised that you girls might nail better deals with the same sponsor compated to them.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the hard work being put in.

  2. i thank you for your support, and your generous praise.
    and definitely, i do feel that a healthy scene is important, and that we ALL play a part in keeping it vibrant.
    what i don't understand is why we are in a "no-win" situation. this is virtual gaming, where a lot of physical attributes don't matter. so then, WHY do guys STILL have an edge?
    i cannot accept the fact that our skills are inferior, but at the same time, i see nothing to prove that wrong - yet. we will keep trying.