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31 January 2010

Iron.Lady Championship 2010 Day 2

Hi fellow gamers, friends, fan's and strangers!,

Here are some updates from Day 2 of the exclusive all-girls showdown, Steel-Series Iron.Lady Championships 2010 live from Shanghai! As mentioned by kellymilkies*, PMS|Asterisk*'s Singapore correspondence, they won Day 2!! Congrat's girls!

Earlier on yesterday, PMS|Asterisk* had their second day of game's against Local Chinese Team Steel|KK. Since the local chinese Team Steel|KK had already won the King of Fighter 1 vs 1 the day before yesterday, all they needed was to win the 2v2's in order to claim the 5,000 RMB from the individual games, whilst PMS|Asterisk* needed the win to form a tie and bring the competition of the 5,000 RMB to the last remaining third day.

Min & Sara from Steel|KK won the first 2v2 game against PMS|Asterisk*, made up of w4nderz- & Pinksheep-, however a combination of Shizuma & Kimchi from PMS saved the day, beating Ruru & Naonao, Mint & Sara, and bringing the tournament into Day 3 which will then be played on a 5 vs 5 format.
The winner of Day 3 will walk away with the Championship Title and 15,000 RMB. In this challenge, it will be 5 vs 5, captain format.Good luck girls!!
Courteousy of sgamer & MYM

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