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24 January 2010

Iron.Lady Championship 2010: Update

Hello friends, fans, foes and the random stranger...

PMS Asterisk* will be heading to snowy Shanghai on Tuesday, Wednesday this week. Weather looks really chilly, plus the winds from the sea will be -10 from what you see here.

We bought lots and lots of jackets, socks, clothes, hats and scarves hope it will be enough to fend off the cold! Hahaha... pictures should be quite amusing. *thinks of being wrapped up in 3-4 layers of wool*... just like my namesake.

The lineup for this event will be as follows:

We're glad to announce that Shizuma, a well-known Malaysian DotA player will be joining us for this event.

There will be no blog feature this week. It will resume next week when we're back, with Kimberlyn//Kimchi* taking over the helm.

In the meantime, kellymilkies* will be our Singapore correspondence for Iron.Lady 2010. We will try to update her as frequently as we can so you'll know what we're up to! =)

Wish us fair winds and good luck!

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