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23 March 2010

PMS picks up new female Asian team

We are delighted to announce that we have a new sister team from the Philippines! Join us as we welcome PMSki into the family. ♥

PMSki at a local LAN event

PMSki at a local LAN event

Co-founded by Rea Lynne Aguinaldo and Eleanore Kuo, PMSki is the first-ever all-girls DotA team in the Philippines and (as you can see above) have already started competing at LAN tournaments.

Our very own Tammy "furryfish*" Tang, leader of PMS Asia, has been quoted saying
"We are very pleased to announce that we've added PMSki girls (mski's female team) to our Asian roster. They are a hardworking team with a great attitude. We're looking forward to incorporating our sister team from the Philippines into our 2010 trainings and events!"

=D PMSki interviewed in Manila

PMSki.reahdoo, leader and spokesperson for PMSki has also been quoted, in response
"PMSki is thankful to PMS for giving us this opportunity. We vow to work extra hard with a smile on our faces even when faced with obstacles. We are so excited to work with everyone!"
Yes indeed, we too are very excited to get to know everyone! Let's have a read about what they have to say in their introduction on Facebook.
In 2005, Eleanore Kuo aka mski.eLLe, who was known for her Counter Strike skills started playing DotA . On the same year, Rea Aguinaldo aka mski.rheadoo also began learning the game. Since both were always present in tournaments and events, Elle and Rea soon became acquaintances. Soon they were playing alongside each other often in Garena or in LAN pub games. The idea to make an all-girls team started around 2008 when Roro kept pestering them to create an all-girls team but they said it was too difficult since finding girls who were dedicated to the game was like searching for a needle in a haystack. They came across a few girl gamers as the years went by but the two always ended up being the ones left. Soon Katrina Ferrer aka mski.hottiekath came into the picture. She was spotted by the two chatting away in the Mineski Grounds room with her gg id: BhabieKathkath who seemed to take a lot of attention from the gamers. They were making fun of the way she typed, always with an ` before starting a sentence. She became known for always hanging out with team Pagibig. Neither of them realized she would soon be one of their friends and future teammate. Months went by then team Theos became known. Everyone was saying there was this girl from Theos who played like a guy and that was Joy Eusebio aka mski.Joy. Thru constant playing in Garena she was soon regarded as one of THE girls. And so, there were 4. One more and they were all set. Ana Bartolome aka mski.miele! mushroomed out of nowhere. Kidding! She frequented MG and befriended the Mineski team who later on introduced her to Elle and Rea. Since there were plenty of girl gamers around Rea thought of seriously starting the all-girls team. And that was that! They debuted as team Pmski during the first AMPGL. During the second AMPGL they invited Foxy Lady/ Girlie Policarpio to play with them since they lacked one player and just recently Pmski have added Sheela Bantegui aka mski.shane to their roster.

~To date Pmski is the country's pioneer all-female DotA team.

*** I know you have questions regarding the origin of our team name so here's the real deal: it's PECHAY Mineski. Pechay is an inside joke in the Mineski family for a girl gamer. We can also say that the P in pmski is for pagibig, pagibig.mineski since all girls are friends with both teams which are by the way two of the top teams in the Ph. There is an international team of all-girl gamers which is named PMS. We did not fashion our name from them it was just a coincidence when we made the clan tag but we are in talks with them if they will accept us as one of them.

♥ Ma. Katrina A. Ferrer, 18 yrs old = soloista/ mascot
♥ Girlie Ysabel Policarpio, 18 yrs old = 6th superwoman
♥ Sheela Bantegui, 18 yrs old = pgl shoot messiah :D
♥ Ana Bartolome, 21 yrs old = tactician
♥ Rea Lynne Aguinaldo, 21 yrs old = founder/ team speaker
♥ Marjorie P. Eusebio, 21 yrs old = mid-laner/ taga-buhat
♥ Eleanore Kuo, 22 yrs old = co-founder/ leader

Winning isn't everything to us, but it's a close second. That's what learning is, after all; not whether we lose the game, but how we lose and how we've changed because of it and what we take away from it that we never had before, to apply to other games. Losing, in a curious way, is winning.

I don't know about you, but I really like their attitude. =D Expect to seem them garbed in PMS attire soon, and at least at one overseas LAN event (hopefully at SMM) this year.

Their next tournament is this Saturday, 27 March so show your support by being a fan of PMSki on Facebook right now!!


  1. Go go go SaGo!!

    Pmski and PMS Fighting!!!

  2. It's very pleasant to know DotA is speeding up it's development in this domain. Kudos!

  3. Nice! where is the competition taking place?

  4. que chicas mas ricas como kisiera hacerlas un tornado de lengua uhmh