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23 July 2010

A New Look at PMS*

We've reskinned our page! Something that I have been wanting to do since forever but haven't got down to it because I have been 1) swamped with never-ending work and 2) unable to find a photograph that shows the latest/updated roster.

And this photo isn't even the latest roster. But it's the best that I have got now. =\

Having said that, we're doing our next photoshoot in August/September, so look out for that.

Meanwhile, tell us whether you like this new look or not, or have any suggestions to add!

♥ meh*


  1. The pic you put up takes up too much of screen space... more scrolling = less fun. It has also slowed down your website due to big size.

    Try making it smaller, like this one...

    Also, if possible, keep a .png image rather than .jpg because it offers better quality at the same size. :)

  2. Thanks Rohan. I've changed it so at least the first post shows now.

    I thought of it as first glance - see the whole team. Scroll down for the blog and so on. Much like how websites do "above and below the fold".

  3. i dont see how giving a new look on the blog helps improving PMS skills

    but kicking msjovial that is a good start on improving the team lol

  4. OH hi it's good to see you.

    We have been training harder now with Huayan back. The new look coincides with the new attitude we have.

    I'm sure we will improve - but as to 'whether it's enough to win' remains a question. But we would like to think so.