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23 August 2010

Digital Youth Awards @ Shanghai : The Singapore Point of View. Day 1.

And so you heard

3 girls left for Shanghai on Friday the 13th of August which was also the 4th day of the lunar 7th month aka Hungry Ghost Festival at a very unearthly hour of 1.15am on SQ826.

We were on the same flight as the Singapore representatives for HoN, Team Impunity. In fact we were right smack in the middle row of the 3 rows occupied by the Singapore representatives. Pretty much strangers at that point of time. (Only to discover later that the guys are stalkers!)

Sneak picture on us by one of the guys. TSK! Anyways we survived the 5 hours flight with minimal sleep. Though the guys pretty much zonked out the whole flight. As informed by Kelvin who told me that the China reps will be waiting for us at the airport exit with our names or something on the board and so that was pretty much what I was expecting. But NOOOOO. That wasn't the case. As soon as the doors to China opened we were greeted by cameras and video cameras like we were some movie stars. Quite cool but not very cool since we were not really expecting that and all the attention of everyone looking at us.

We were warmly welcomed by the China reps, Scott, Frank, Tom, Sisi as well as Tobi. A few short interviews before leaving the airport for the first time.

The airport's temperature felt pretty fine for what the flight captain said to be 39 degrees celsius. Then we got our second surprise of the trip. The moment the doors open to the outdoors. OH MY GOD I CAN'T BREATHE AND IT'S SO SO SO SO HOT OMG HOT.

Fortunately the bus was air conditioned. Took us to the hotel. Rooms weren't ready for check in so we headed to Shanghai city (Qi Pu Lu and Nan Jing Lu) for some shopping fix.

Headed back to the hotel in the afternoon after a long hot shopping trip in the main shopping districts. Took our well deserved bath and a few camwhore shots at the mirror before heading down to meet everyone else.

Team China

Team Sweden.

After our itinerary brief we headed back out to the heat where we explored a chinese temple district. Cheng Huang Miao.

We took some really cool themed pictures. Team Sweden and Team Singapore. Ours is SOMEWHERE on the internet. We might give you a prize for finding it =)

The long day ended with a few night snaps of the place and a fantastic dinner at a 100 over year old restaurant and then back to the hotel for rest, where we the girls spent our time playing Monopoly Deal. Guess who the biggest loser is =P

And this concludes Day 1 of Digital Youth Awards @ Shanghai (the survival of extreme summer) with the PMS* Girls. Stay tuned for Day 2 3 and 4. =P


  1. I found the chicken wings in those weird sealed snack bags....warning when you eat the jelly...MASSIVE seed inside waiting to choke you...oh...and it tastes horrible :P