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09 August 2011

[Day 2] Photoshoot Picture Launch - PMS | w4ndeRz-*

Day 2 features one of the oldest (I don't mean age!) members of the PMS Asia competitive division.
Cynfully sweet PMS|w4ndeRz-* (aka Cynthia Rose) lights up anyone's day with her smile, but if you mess up in game, she won't hesitate to roar extremely loudly at you.

As Cyn likes to say :

Looks can be deceiving.
Never underestimate your opponents; play your best and feed on their weaknessess.
It's only then that you achieve extreme ownage.


  1. =) i really like you... hope to see you in real life.

  2. you r so gorgeous. When i saw u first time, i thought u were angel. It is my dream to meet u in real world one day.