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26 August 2011

The New Face in PMS*

It's always a joyous occasion in the family when a new member arrives. So here it is, the new guy that we've been talking about!!

As of September 2011, PMS* is proud to announce that Michael "AltaGrave" Khoo will be coming on board officially as Manager and Webmaster.

So of course we will still be having an all-girls roster. (That's the PMS* spirit!)

And of course there is going to be some jealousy because Michael is going to be working closely with all of us, for the 2012 rollout. (It's going to be nothing short of exciting!) :P

Can you spot him? We can't.

When asked how is it like to be part of PMS*, Michael enthuses.

"I want to thank them for welcoming me to the team, in their own unique way (bullying.. ahem..) and I hope to use my expertise to help the girls cover new terrain in eSports. Feels like I've found myself a new family of sisters..."

Here are some vital stats on the Man-Boy.
Game, and non-game related.

Name: Michael Khoo
Handle: AltaGrave
Team Nicknames: loincloth*, snowflake*
Role: Manager, Webmaster
Games Played (current): WorldofWarcraft, Dragon Nest, Fruit Ninja (XBox Kinect), Age of Empires Online
Favourite Number: 7
Favourite Colour: Turquoise
Memorable Activity: Sings in the shower
Memorable Achievement: Managed to squeeze a WHOLE prawn out of its shell once
Memorable Quote: "Actually snowflake was a given name cos I always wanted to be different, unique." (Yes we're sure you'll be.)

Michael is currently working at, a gaming portal powered by SingTel as an Online Editor and spends way too much time on his own GX Facebook wall, chatting with his community. In his free time, he hangs out with multiple circles of friends at all sorts of places (that he can't remember exactly - we believe he just ends up having and hangover and can't remember what happened). He also goes to the gym.

And what do the girls think about having him as part of the team?

furryfish* says
"Michael is a great addition to the team - not just because he's capable and passionate, but also because he helps take the excess energy off the girls by good naturedly letting them bully him."
yan* says
"He's abit too short to protect us but he said he'll make it up by singing to the whole team during our trainings, so I am happy. Can't wait to see how this works out!!"

Just as every successful man has a woman behind them, every successful team - a good manager. Glad to have you on board!

Michael Khoo, Available Now at Candy, anyone?


  1. anymore slot? :)

  2. haha , i had fun reading this! Welcome onboard Michael!

  3. i like the bully part by furryfish.. hehe