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04 December 2011

PMS|Asterisk* Fansigns: Let the Team Know You Love Them!

Calling out to all fans and anyone who loves Team Asterisk, here's how you can show your support for them today, while the girls are competing at SMM.

Simply create a fansign for the team, or for your favourite member of the team and email your fansign picture to "" with the subject title, "I am a fan of PMS Asterisk". Remember to include your preferred name or nickname.

In return, six of the girls will pick one fan of their choice each, and create a fansign for them. That's six personalized fansigns, from the girls, to six lucky fans.

This fansign activity will last from today(04/12/2011), till the end of the year(31/12/2011). Once closed, the girls will pick one that they like and send their own fansign for that fan. Lucky fans will receive the girls' fansigns in the first month of the new year, January 2012.

Finally, if you don't know what a fansign is, click these links to let
Google Images and Yahoo answer that question. Start getting creative and make your fansigns now!


  1. Fansign pls :)

    "We Love Chito <3 "
    hahaha thnx more powers for you guys!
    Goodluck ! Have fun! rock on! :))

  2. sad today I have part time job
    I really want to see the girls at SMM :(

    gonna do the fansign :D

  3. we need to do the fansign by hand or what?

  4. can you make me one... please :)

    >>Nikz Cast <3<< thnx

  5. Asteriak ! :DD i am your no.1 fans . ^^v love you all <3 ! idol idol

  6. make me one please :)

    franz <3

  7. fan sign me plz .. ! ---> Silly_Killer <----- tnx idol !^_^