Team Sponsors

Team Sponsors

11 December 2013

Asterisk* Open House Pics

Firstly, we'd like to thank the sponsors for this event, SteelSeries and Alienware Arena! It was a really fun day, and although the servers were down for a couple of hours, we all had fun socialising and getting to know each other.
Next, we'd like to thank the girls for taking part, and hope they enjoyed themselves!
The spectators were great sports too!
Let's hope this leads to the formation of yet another female team in Singapore!

Rachel Tang, the first girl to sign up for our 1v1 championships

the coveted 1st prize, SteelSeries Siberia v2, DotA2 edition, which comes with the in game item, Guinsoo Scythe of Vyse

Other than the main event of 1v1s, we also had mini events where we gave away SteelSeries gaming equipment. One of the funniest was probably our DotA Charades where we get a volunteer to act out a DotA hero.
Check out the video here!

Holding one of our mini events, QnA session

He won the SteelSeriess DotA2 edition QCK mini.

The woman behind the 1v1 tourney

The girls in game, pking each other, with spectators cheering them on

more pics of the 1v1!

iceiceice giving away his ti3 poster to one of the spectators

the girls, deep in concentration as they play 1v1

crowded with spectators, including iceiceice

Royce the winner of one of our mini events, a 1v1 vs kimchi*

lovely cupcakes baked by Mellorine's bf!

The Winners of the 1v1 Challenge!

4th place winner, pancakes!

The ultimate winner of the 1v1 female tourney! Jovial aka dearKiole

Most of the girls who turned up that day =)


  1. i thought bellzxc was third and kira was second :x

  2. The cupcakes were baked by xLust who is Mellorine's bf, not Jovial's bf.