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Team Sponsors

30 October 2009

PMS | Asterisk* Official Site
Welcome to our new home!

Welcome friends, fans, family, guests or stray wanderers off the Internet to the official blog and site of PMS | Asterisk*. Some adjustments are still being made, but we hope you will enjoy your stay here.

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Support a w4ndeRz- fly her to SMM 2009!

We all know w4ndeRz-, a.k.a. Cynnie. She's been around since 2005-6 and is definitely one of the most popular girls in DotA.

Now, we need some funds to fly her to SMM, the biggest DotA event of the year. It's not very often we'll be asking this. It may be just this once. But we need your help to get Cyn in the skies and on the road to Malaysia in less than a month. With everyone's help, we will definitely be able to do this!

- Every dollar counts.
- We're using a 3rd party application, so all transactions will be transparent.
- And lastly, a huge thanks from all of us, for lending a hand.

- Those who prefer to pass us your contribution personally instead of using the web application are welcome too.
- Strangers who don't have our number/msn may approach ziLch at Cybernet Alliance Society, #B1 Parklane (it's the uber cool LAN shop just around the corner behind IRC).

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