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01 November 2009

Welcoming Alysta!

furryfish* & pinksheep* reports

It was 8.00pm on a weekday evening. Braving the horrible traffic and empty stomachs, furryfish* (Tammy) and pinksheep* (Dawn) arrive at Kelly's doorstep with packs of Mos Burger in hand and camera in tow - to welcome Alysta Li Ru En to the family of Andy Li and Kelly Ong!!

Here are the highlights of the visit. =)

After 20 hours of labour in the wards of KK hospital (where most Singaporeans spawn...), Kelly gave birth to Alysta Li Ru En.

(For those of you who don't know who Kelly is, she's the last girl on our masthead! Currently inactive because, well of obvious commitments.)

Alysta's a cheeky one. While we were zooming in for a shot, she winked at us. =Þ Future camwhore alert!!

Tammy is given a lesson in How to Hold a Baby 1101E.

She doesn't quite like it.
Tammy: "Can I throw it away, please"?"
No you can't. Mummy's watching.

Then Dawn takes over.
"Oh this is just like how I carry my cat..."
She's lying. Probably practicing for her turn.

We discover something interesting in Kelly's room.
Namely this keyboard.
Okay let's zoom in on it.

It says Kelly <3 Andy <3 Aiko <3 Oko <3 (cancelled)
Andy's her hubby. Aiko and Oko are her cats. The penis bit was er, written by Andy. Kelly: "Yah!! He go and write that, then I cancelled it out lah!!" LOL.

Afterwhich we migrated to the living room, to let Kelly feed Alysta and something caught our attention. There was this cute little pet lobster, which waves frantically at you (for food) when you approach the tank. But it's a super lazy lobster, cos even when you throw food into the tank it refuses to swim up for it. So Tammy used a toothpick to push the food down (for it to grab and eat). It got sooooo lazy, that it waited for Tammy to push the food to its mouth before grabbing it. That's how it got poked - twice - by Tammy and the toothpick. Lazy ftl!

That's all for now. Till next time! Signing out.