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Team Sponsors

04 November 2009

I feel obliged and bored to write this post since i see my face up in the banner. 99% bored 1% obliged. =P

Hi everyone. I'm Cynthia aka w4ndeRz-. I go a longgggggg wayyyyyyyy with Asterisk*. A long long long long way.

How long you may wonder.

Here I am when i was 18 still in Poly when i first started DOTA playing for Asterisk* when they just changed team name to Asterisk*. Probably one of my first few competitions as well.

Then i went my separate way. Did my own things. Yada yada.

And TADAH! Here i am 4 years later. Away from Singapore doing my uni and back in Asterisk*. Now know as PMS | Asterisk*.

Hope to see all the readers here @ SMM Malacca. Hopefully we will be able to raise enough funds. So please donate generously. Any amount is welcomed! Every dollar counts! Thank you to those who have donated! And a big thank you in advance to those who are gonna donate!

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