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19 December 2009

Christmas with PMS | Asterisk* - Part 2

Day 6 - PMS | furryfish* puts on a different look!
(ps... it's the "nice" side of her...)

furryfish* has been playing DotA since 2005, starting into competitive with the 5.84c version in an all-girls lineup with pinksheep*, sheRicA*, mag (retired) and charlene (retired) at WCG 2005. The girls won that match, and moved on to create the very first all-girls DotA team in the world (unchallenged, to date).

Day 5 - PMS | w4ndeRz-* takes the front seat.

w4ndeRz-* has been the blue-eyed girl of DotA since 2006, starring in various mixed and all-girls teams. She first teamed up with furryfish*, pinksheep* back in 2006-7 before forging out on her own. Now she's back, and better than ever.

Day 4 - PMS | pinksheep* sits back and relax.

pinksheep* started playing DotA in version 4 (though she honestly can't remember much of it) and was a WC3 ladder player before joining furryfish* in DotA in 2005. In a pub game that same year, she met a boy and got all starry eyed. They're tying the knot on Christmas this year. =)

Day 3 - PMS | Asterisk* has a cosy gathering.

The team has been together through many many difficult times, and we're finally glad to say we're really comfortable in our current line up (both online AND offline!).
Those who used to compete during 5.84c might have known us as CaLz[X3M] (an acronym for something pinksheep would sooner forget) - and some of our most glorious moments include qualifying for capl elites and avalon top 16.

Day 2 - PMS | kimchi* touches base with you.

Unobstrusive and often shying from the limelight, kimchi* has proven to be valuable player in the teams she has played in - with her starring role as Asterisk's POTM user and commander.
Outwardly coy and peace-loving, she lives up to her spicy hot name in game, never hesitating to give us a piece of her mind if she thinks we're noobing. (We take it though, because she's as hard, or even harder on herself!)

Day 1 - PMS | MsJovial* in the spotlight

No one can miss MsJovial's presence whenever she is around - whether in game or in real life. Charming and caring, we all love the baby of the team!
MsJovial* has been playing in mixed teams since 2006 and has honed her gaming skills from playing with a variety of well-known gamers.

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