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11 December 2009

Christmas with PMS | Asterisk*

Christmas is a season for giving. A season for surprises, kissing under the mistletoe, chestnuts, fairies and lots of delicious food. It's also a season for sharing and bringing a smile to those around you. =)

This Christmas, PMS | Asterisk* Proudly Presents
The 12 Days of Christmas

We hope you like this. =)

Let's start counting down!

Day 12 - PMS | MsJovial* // Eliza Ong

"♥ to all my fans for your wonderful support. Have a Merry Christmas and smile always!" ~ Eliza

Day 11 - PMS | furryfish* // Tammy Tang

"Lucky for you fans, it doesn't matter whether you've been naughty or nice - you all get a fair share of love and season's greetings from Asterisk*!! " ~ Tammy

Day 10 - PMS | Kimchi* // Kimberlyn See

"Hi everyone, merry christmas. Bye." ~ Kim

Day 9 - PMS | =Þinksheep* // Dawn Yang

"Have a Mehhry Christmas!" ~ Dawn

Day 8 - PMS | w4ndeRz-* // Cynthia Santa Maria

"Jingle bells.. batman smells.. robin laid an egg.. the batmobile lost a wheel and joker got away.. =D have a smerrrry christmas!" ♥ w4ndeRz-

Day 7 - PMS | kellymillkies* // Kelly Ong

"Cuddling = love, so cuddle more on Christmas! Asterisk you, have a Merry Christmas!" xoxo, Kelly

Wondering what's next? Check back tomorrow to find out. =P


  1. Love it!!! <3
    Keep pwning girls.. ;)

  2. My name is John Farmer and I love to farm.

    I've seen a couple of photoshop pictures in my time and I could tell that msjovial's picture is shopped.

  3. Hi, i edited all of them, all of them are processed and improved thus better quality images and customised background.

    I don't see why you can't tell that the rest are shopped too as of from YOUR time.


  4. Eliza thanks for making our photos beautiful!

  5. you have to thank dawn and bryan for creating the beautiful background too!

  6. If only i could meet Furry in real life oh...

  7. now I'm inlove with pinksheep. marry me!!!!!!! :)