Team Sponsors

Team Sponsors

04 December 2009

PMS* Officially Thanks YOU

As the SMM fever draws to a close, there are many people we would like to thank before new chapters unfold. Without all of you, much of this would not have been possible. You have all made SMM GNDT 2009 a wonderful experience for us.

First and foremost, PMS* would like to thank The Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA) for their generosity in the PMS* send-a-w4ndeRz-to-SMM fund.

Founded in 2008 by a group of enthusiastic gamers and leaders who wanted to make a difference in the local gaming scene, SCOGA’s vision and mission is to propel Singapore as a global leader in gaming and eSports, thereby placing Singapore on the international map for gaming.

Key initiatives in 2009 can be found on

PMS* would also like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude and thanks to the following people for their help and support in spirit or kind.

Clan PMS, especially to Amber and our sponsors Patriot Memory, Sapphire, Darkstar Communications and Game Haven.

Mr Tongteck Lim for being such a graceful host at SMM.

underminer for his invaluable advice and for organising such a great event.

MYM|ReiNNNN for his generosity in the w4ndeRz- fund and the MYM media team for the media coverage.

Ns-Hon & Zuki for driving us all the way out in search of supper.

Lynx, baby-doom from UCPro forums and other anonymous contributors for supporting the w4ndeRz-fund.

Our Friends for their thoughtfulness and support even when some of you could not be there (you know who you are).

And last but not least, to all our FANS around the world!!

We love you all. =)

Next on PMS*…
Our Christmas Photoshoot launches next week! Look out for it!

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