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09 December 2009

Snapshots of a Fish's Gaming Life ^^*

Just as everyone's waiting for the launch of the X'mas photos, here's a little snapshot from the past, of my gaming life. Enjoy!!

Once upon a time, Asterisk was in a clan called [X3M], and this was our homebase - GamingGiants.
This is the Katong branch (which is not around anymore) and we were holding trials.
The girl in the colourful jacket right in the middle of the pic is Kimchi.
Cynthia is sitting behind her on the right of the pic.
I'm exchanging comments with ziLcH (Eliza's bf) and watching Kelly playing.
In the corner on the left, is Shan (Flawed-) and Dawn, who are watching the other 5 play.

We were invited to E2Max for Sgga Gaming Fest.
Pictured here from left to right is Shan, Dawn, sgga male rep, Rachael Ma sgga female rep, Myself, and Cynthia.
We played a 4v4 vs some walk in team, and i remember that my QOP accidentally sold a skadi and bought an ultimate orb!

I started gaming very long ago... this pic is to remind myself how far i've come, and to show all of you how i used to look like!
So, that's me in the foreground, with a REALLY REALLY blur look on my face.
This was... 11 years ago in 1998 when i was playng competitive CS.
Wasn't i a cute kid! =x


  1. the pic is really cute.. tong zhen sia..

  2. hahaha an innocent looking fish ^^,cute as always!

  3. thats really an old pic! but really cute lol ^^

  4. omgggggggggggggggggg v young tammy

  5. like seriously furryfish you need to move on with your life

    get a good typical nerdy singaporean husband and camp in your rabbithole or shithole and start fucking like rabbits in order make babies before its too late

    the older u get the more difficult to get healthy child.


  6. wow just got bored in the middle of the night and saw this cool tag hmm...:S and it's like just 4mins before im posting this @@