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21 January 2010

day 4 in the life of w4ndeRz- :: The WHAT?

G'day mate! Hi loves! [Gidday miate! Hiya larves!]

There are shitloads of Aussie Slangs. That 2 are prolly the most common one aye [aye/eh/oi is like another common word, it's used like a punctuation]! Here in OZ we like short cutting stuffs.
MacDonalds is Maccas [Mac Kas].
Breakfast is Brekky [Brek Kie].
Thanks alot is TA [TA!].
Football is Footy [Foodtie].

Know what's a kanga banga? Kangaroo Sausage! I shall take a pic of it when i next head to Coles or Woolies. Weirdly enough. Kangaroos are actually pests. If you hit one you're supposed to carry the dead thing to the side and stare @ your poor dented car. And no you can't avoid it. They are tards who actually jump out onto roads and motorways.

Below is how i play DOTA in OZland! First up is wBattle. Newly formed after MCC League went on hiatus for a long time. A leader has to start the game. If it's a casual game it's .start. For a challenge game it's .challenge [leader's nick]. BTW you got to be vouched to play in here. For a start game people join the game by typing .sign. after 10 players are gathered, the bot randomly assigns them to teams. For a .challenge game. leaders from both sides choose when they want to start picking players. It goes by the order of 1 2 2 2 2 1. Results of the game is recorded at the end of the game by typing .draw .sentinel or .scourge.

Another platform is Bored Aussies known as BA. I used to play IHDL there before MCC League was running. I haven't logged in for ages though.

Aussie has imba sun which will scorch you! Mr Shatan is a perfect example. He left his hand out of the car and tadah you get peeling hand and a retarded face!

Oh yeah. Proud buy of the day. Domino's. 2 Large Pizza. $11 =) Pepperoni+Salami i love you!

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