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20 January 2010

day 3 in the life of w4ndeRz- :: The Trail

Good day! Not exactly very good for me though. I've been surviving on 7 hours sleep for the past couple of days. I wake up every morning at 8am GMT+10. Today shall just be a snapshot of my day. Ya another boring one. Few cool things here and there though. I was like some freshie going around uni with a camera snapping at everything in the way like an idiot. LOL! So please try to have fun aye!

Greeted by a suicidal dragonfly *marked by the white circle* which flew onto the track 1min before the train came.

Train train!


Take the train to Park Road then walk across to Boggo Road Busway to catch a bus to uni.

This is the busway. "Bus Expressway" Only buses allowed.

The buses stop @ UQ Lakes. So enjoy the next few pictures of random animals which i seriously have no idea what some are.

Huge goose. I think it's goose. SUPER HUGE. Like it just bkb-ed.

No idea what this is.


Disgusting pond.

Blue thingy.

Long way up.


My destination.

Dr KFC! He looks like colonel. LOL!

The lecture theater.

Wednesday is "shopping" day. Shops from the Valley Markets come set up random shops to cheat student's money.

Main Refrac. SUBWAYY!! Cheap cheap subwayyyy.

Ham Foot Long + Coke. 10$ divided by 2!

Sorry for the lack of photos in between this. I was in a hurry to do things which require me to go between the student center and another office which was 10 mins walk apart. ARGH. Irritating.

My tutorial room.

Remember the disgusting pond. It became less disgusting.

The bus.

Costs me 4.70 to get to school everyday.

Bus crossing the Eleanor Schonell Bridge.

Brisbane River.

My train. So packed.

Walking home.

My home.

Remember the broodmother? Apparently it used up its BKB. It has shrank in size. Hurhurhur!

This is Jialing. The cook today.

This is how ang mohs eat their noodles! With fork and knife! BTW. Dinner was Zha Jiang Mian aka Dan Dan Mian. At least i thought it was dan dan mian till my friend's mom told me it's called zha jiang mian.

My messy room.

My rig.

That's all today folks. I'm really exhausted.

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