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19 January 2010

day 2 in the life of w4ndeRz- :: The Random

Welcome back to the oh so exciting life of w4ndeRz-!

It's a random weather day. Thus it's a very random day! Which is today's topic! Random!

Today i collected statements from people.

Tell me something random about me!

furryfish: U are not chinese but u understand chinese

Pinksheep: your eye colour can change according to your mood. ive seen your nails in two different colours (on one hand) .. the blue and red one.. and u have sharp incisors!! like a vampire

xMusica: you love coming onto MCiTY's vent and screaming AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, then TONTONNNNNNNNNNN

LuX: very xlb-ed

Tofuboi: you're more reasonable then most girls

ChuaN: hao xiao loh,haowan loh,hen friendly loh,hen qing qie loh *which translate to very funny. very fun. very friendly. very amiable*

Aus Mate #1 Jialing: you're like a guy that wears dresses

Aus Mate #2 Chee How: you get bored easily. you have a cute mole on your cheek.

What's the one word that comes to your mind when you think of me?

furryfish: brown

Pinksheep: Cheerful

xMusica: devoted

LuX: alan?

Tofuboi: AWESOME!

Chuan: Funny!

Aus Mate #1 Jialing: DOTA!

Aus Mate #2 Chee How: spontanous

Now for a random picture. LOL. Even my lecturer sends people random things.

Last but not least. More information on Ironladies!

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