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18 January 2010

day 1 in the life of w4ndeRz- :: The Mundane

Hi fellow earthlings. A brief introduction of myself. I'm Cynthia Santa Maria. I currently live in Brisbane, Australia. Doing my so called final subjects towards my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Queensland. Save your comments on me being too dumb to get into NUS or NTU coz i can get into both. As a kid i always wanted to experience life overseas. Guess this is so called step 1.

I play random heroes for the team, mainly Kunkka, Medusa, Leshrac, Tide, Tinker. I have 2 of our recent replays here. It's not particularly easy to get our replays as there is always a disconnect or everyone just forgets to save it. LOL. Well enjoy this rare moment!
IL Training #1
IL Training #2

I'm going to bore you guys with mundane stuffs like what i did today. I apologize for the boredom. I used up my daily capacity of brain cells this morning completing my mid semester exam filled with nonsensical theory and calculations.

Let's start of with something a little more interesting. After a long day at school. This is what i was greeted by when i got home! Dead Broodmother 3/4 the size of my palm! My housemate battled it with the vacuum cleaner. He left the vacuum on for the next 20 secs to make sure the spidey is way down the system. This feisty one actually managed to climb out the long long long long tube and crawl a good 2-3m before finally warping up to death. Couldn't take a clear picture of it. Was half afraid it might have an aegis and revive.

And before this exciting event was my common boring day. I live approximately 25km from my uni. Well there are possible short cuts like cutting across the bridge. Yups. But cars aren't allowed to cross the bridge that link the SE suburbs to my uni. Only cyclist and buses. How wonderful.

The start of my journey. This is us when we just entered the motorway. That circle is Brisbane CBD

Viola! After 10 15 mins we are along Brisbane CBD. Muahehehehe. This is the so called half way mark to uni!

Tadah! Here we are at the many entrances to the uni.

This is what you get when you park at a cheaper carpark. $3 per day. Long walk to buildings. This is like half the walk i have to walk on a hot hot hot day. And this isn't bad since my lecture room was rather centralized. You can also see from the map my school is bigger than Brisbane CBD! Imagine walking to from one end to the other. HURHUR!

This is me on a hot hot hot hot HOT day. It's almost as hot as myself. Hot not as in attractive hot. Hot as in temperature hot! It hit 36 degrees today. Tsk tsk. I'm hotter though. Better luck tomorrow mother nature!

This is the best solution to spend a hot summer day when you have a non-working air con at home. Sitting in the super comfy air conditioned library filled with gorgeous iMac msning and facbooking! We got so bored we were bejeweling. That's Chee How beside me. This guy is a trick. He looks exactly like his twin brother. Back when i didn't know he existed i was stupidly saying hi to him thinking he was his twin. What an idiot i must have seemed to be.

To evade the heat. Me and my dear housemate went to Chee How's house to use his kitchen to cook dinner. =) [He has a working air con!] On the menu today was shepherd's pie. See that big bowl of beef+the leftover chunk on the side? All that for just over AUD4$. Beef is cheappppp.

Proud of my creation!

And that wraps up day 1 in the life of w4ndeRz-!


  1. i dont understand you people who have to go through so much trouble to walk extra distance just to save a couple of insignificant bucks. oh well look at the bright side at least that would help you lose some of that fat.

  2. well it costs $3 per hour to park in the non-permit short-term parking zone which is nearer to buildings. that would accumulate $18 worth of savings parking in the per day parking zone. also there is a free parking zone which is further. so if you're really feeling so rich. why not go donate 18$ per day to charity. =)

    oh btw.