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17 January 2010

Iron.Lady Exclusive Gear

Readers who have been following A Week In The Life Of MsJovial* would have known that we have collected our Iron.Lady SteelSeries exclusives last week. These include a SteelSeries 7G Gaming Keyboard, SteelSeries Iron.Lady Ikari Laser Mouse, Mouse Pad and Wrist Band as well as a SteelSeries Iron.Lady Siberia Headset. They're all in black and pink (how awesome) and look as well as feel great.

I'm particularly fond of Iron.Lady Siberia which was developed for multi-functional use. The latest remixes sound great on it. =)

Iron.Lady Siberia and Iron.Lady Ikari (click to expand for full resolution)

SteelSeries 7G Gaming Keyboard (click to expand for full resolution)

If you love these and want to get one for your friend, girlfriend, sister, wife, mother, aunt or friendly neighbourhood cutie, you can check out the SteelSeries Online Shop for more details on pricing.

Also, don't miss this week's blog special: A Week In The Life Of w4ndeRz-* starting tomorrow, Monday right here on!

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