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15 January 2010

A Week In The Life Of Eliza Day 5

Hi people, for some reasons due to that smart alec who is anonymously tagging in our tag board, I'm going to post loads and loads of pictures, WITH ME in them. Drown that cockroach with it! You know how a cockroach 'works' right? You thought you already killed it, however, it was just feigning dead for a moment and it was actually still alive. Kinda cool actually, but, still annoying.

Sometimes, people just don't understand where they stand in real life. What are you actually living for? What is your main goal? What is your perspective of life? Is that the best you can do? Frankly speaking, I'm kinda amused by these people who can comment and cook up so much stories about me when we ain't even acquaintances. Hi? May i ask, do you know me? The word 'know' is such a profound word. To me, it ain't profound at all. But to you, yes. Simply because you can't even differentiate me apart from you. To come to think of it, yeah, i find it rather amazing. On top of all that, you're still annoying. This is one thing which i am YET to understand, some kinda abnormal psychology?

However, please don't make yourself feel important, because to me, this topic existed since i was 11 years old. It was just the curiosity which ignited my disgust and the somewhat queer desiring knowledge.

Meow-oww.. Photos now!

ESTC gamer tag!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE pumkin soup! It's like my favourite of all!
Cyncyn and her gosu waffle topped with velvety chocolate ice-cream! Heaven!~~
This is me and Fynn.
Working at the vet. Toy poodles are always so adorable! *squeeze*
Ever hyperactive jack russels. Working in the vet is really interesting.
I love polariods!
Looking very happy! At Billy Bombers, waiting for my chocolate fondue to be served. YUMS!

I used to have long hair. This was during Mid 2009. I kinda miss my long wavy hair! The feeling of my hair falling on my shoulders... OK, i'm growing my hair...
Me and Yan. Taken during training last year.

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