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14 January 2010

A Week In The Life Of Eliza Day 4

Hola readers! Today is a rather toned down day. Supposed to wake up in the morning but somehow i snoozed my cell's alarm till noon when i finally decided to put a stop in torturing it. Though I'm not a morning person, i love breakfast. I remember vividly while i was sleeping, i smell the aroma of a fried egg! So still half-awake, i told myself that i must cook it when i wake up. LOL... It was accompanied by 2 pan fried sausages, slightly burnt due to negligence and distraction from the television. And i went to work like everyone did.

I'm trying out the SteelSeries,IronLady, pink headset and mouse now! The headset is pretty and quite comfortable! It fits my head nicely. I'm still trying to be comfortable with the mouse though. I rely too much on my Razer copperhead. Having training soon!

Satisfied look. This silly boy squeezed outta our gate 2 days ago and went roaming on its on. Luckily we found him on the 5th storey. A nice lady brought him in.

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