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14 January 2010

DAY 3 - A Week In The Life Of Eliza


Aloha earthlings! I just got back home an hour ago from town. It was a tedious yet fun day with the girls. Met up with Cynthia/w4ndeRz and Kimberlyn/xkimchix during mid noon time to go collect our Steel Series Iron Lady equipments. There's keyboards, pink head sets and pink mouse with pink mouse pad! It is PINK!

Attempt No.1 Kimchi's a vampire!

Our loots. We're depositing our stuffs at a corner of Zara while trying on their coats and jackets. I'm happily carrying Steel Series Iron Lady pink head set! Mad chio ok!
After collecting the goodies, we headed to Orchard 313 for some awesome ice-cream and chocolate fondue. Michael and Alan joined us shortly after arriving. Waited for Tammy/Furryfish and Dawn/Pinksheep to reach and we all went to Marche for dinner! Dinner was awesome. I love their pumpkin soup!

Went around to shop for winter wear as PMSAsterisk* are going to visit Shang Hai in 2 weeks time for Steel Series Iron Lady event! *Hops around in circles excitedly!* Meow-oww!~ Zara got really really nice winter coats and jackets. Price wise was affordable still. Bought a furry jacket on a sale price! ^^

Total damage today : ~sgd$250 Sinful...

=.= Goodness, i didn't realise i spent so much till the end of the day, i calculated while waiting for fickle shopper, Tammy, to decide on which coat to purchase. OK, i need to be more hardworking and work more to cover up my sins.

We all went departed to our home sweet homes with so many bags in our hands. Dawn said we looked like a group of crazy shoppaholics. LOL!

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