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12 January 2010

DAY 2 - A Week In The Life Of Eliza

Hi peeps! I just came back from work and shopping. Work was kinda busy, it kept me working non-stop since morning till evening. After work, we went to Iluma with Fynn for dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. Food was still not that bad, i think they revised their prices and added more dishes in their menu. After dinner , did a little shopping at Bugis Street.

Actually wanted to post some pictures but when i connected my camera to the computer via usb, my camera lulu shut off on its own. Apparently, battery flat. =.=" My charger is not with me. So..... Thousands of apologies. You guys have to bear with it for a day without colours. =( I promise I'll post more photos tomorrow OK?

Meanwhile, i'm gonna play a couple rounds of DotA and get my well deserved rest! It's kind of a tiring day for me. Pardon me. Will blog again tomorrow!

With love from me to you, Eliza

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