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16 February 2010

first, a random question:
what does the picture on the kickapoo can show?

for those with no childhood here's the can for you.

there was a hot debate over dinner. probably cos we were bored like hell waiting for the rest to finish up. some say its an old man with a young girl. some say it's a dog. it's almost like a psychoanalytical test.

so what you see might mean it's a projection of your desires... lol.

I'll get to the point today, cos I want to go out like NOW.


There were quite a few, but I'm just going to post up the TOP 3 FAVS.

First up - NUMBER 3... I'd recommend setting off 10 of these at one go. Unfortunately we're noobs so we only dared to do one at a time.

Next - NUMBER 2... this really looks goddamn colourful! Like maybe when you're on drugs the whole street will look like this hahaha.

And at NUMBER 1... what's CNY without these traditional firecrackers!! Freaking awful though, imo. Lots of smoke and lots of noise. Ecks.

(if you can't view, you can see it on YOUTUBE too but it's not rotated)

the neighbour had one too.



< when i'm bored at the office i'll start doodling these stick figures...

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