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17 February 2010

hi. hope your CNY has been fun, cos i spent most of it playing games...

i'm seriously beginning to suspect if i'm addicted to games cos if i'm not at a com bejewelling, i'm on the iPhone playing doodlejump trying to break some record, or stalking mahjong tables... zzz...

anyway yesterday was a "good" day. i got gosu top scores for mahjong, bejewelled and doodlejump!! RAWRRRRR~ strong!

9 tai. zi mo. the person to my left insta gg and quit lolol.

top score! 463,350 with no boosts. ahahaha... BEAT IT IF YOU CAN!

didn't go to work, cos we're closed till thurs 1pm.
went to my boss' place for CNY...

my colleague tobes and me. my boss thought it was very fun to use the wide lens close on us for that "big head small chin" effect.

lou hei!!! huat ah!~!~!!!

chilling out in his very 'atas' living room with super expensive speakers that cost around 1 year of my salary......... =="

beth (boss' daughter) and leslie my friend, whom some people say look like jessica liu...

ANYWAY YEAH. my day was just like that.
so to make this maybe 10 seconds more interesting, i'm going to flash some...

childhood pictures...

RANDOM symphony in no sharp major. talented.

my brother and me.

ok bye.


  1. ahahahaha dean is so fatttt *pinch

  2. unfortunately or fortunately that's the only time when we were fat... =\