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18 February 2010

it's amazing i survived today!!!~

cos today is a SUPER FAIL DAY. why?

first i forgot the time, and forgot i was supposed to meet my colleague at 1230 to go to work.
i was in a pubbu game till 1240. by then she pangseh me already... -.-"

secondly, i realised i had no lunch AND was late for work (supposed to reach at 1pm). so i took a cab to drive through MCD. that was like +$2... and i was late for 20mins...

then, when i arrived at work, i realised that OMFG I DIDN'T BRING MY MACBOOK PRO?!! WTF? seriously wtf? nice one. go to work with no com. -.-"" RAWR.

and just when i thought it couldn't get any worse. i dripped tea on my nice clean white pants AND STAINED IT TMDDD....


anyway this is how my office looks like.

outside. the bench areas where we brainstorm ideas etc.

tribal area. look at the mess!! it's open concept so we all sit together, listen to music together, eat together and emo together.

where i sit. blurry cos people walking.

tbm, or tiong bahru market. where we lunch when we have no time to travel further.

working late, which is very common. this is nearing 2am... zzz...

met tamster for dinner at ootoya. it's at the OC, 8th floor next to Ben&Jerry's.

it's a japanese "fast-food" place. i had it in tokyo.

how it looked like in japan

how it looks like in sg

the one in JAPAN was better. but then i'm biased. see, even the soft toys in japan are cuter.

shiroi, sora in soft-toy form...

anyway that's all that happened today.
kimchi beat my bejewelled score by a few 10Ks.

and she showed me this dress and now i'm tempted to go shopping. gg.

the last in the series actually. i'll think about whether i wanna do a friday...

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