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19 February 2010

it's friday.

another ordinary day i wake up to. the sky looks the same. pool looks the same. even the taxi driver looks the same (maybe he IS the same... *!!!!).

went to work and today i remembered to lug along my macbook... but before you congratulate me, or i congratulate myself, i forgot my phone... -____-"

anyway my work's quite chill. i get to wear slippers, t-shirts and so on. this is what i typically look like when i go to the office:

what i usually wear to work. siansheep. but what do you expect, it's work!!

alan (leong, not ter) drove out for lunch. was supposed to ikea but it seemed like a good day for a mini road trip. so we took the AYE and wandered down to NUS...

paparazzi!!!! michelle and me (front), tracy and sashi (behind) pretending to be students at NUS... another random outfit of mine. check out cool slippers from ipanema (the giselle bundchen series)

i think we can pass off as students, sans the bag and stack of books. that's the psychology department behind us, ex-law faculty to the right (now computing) and the road leads to The Deck (arts canteen). a road i often travelled when i was in school some 5 years ago... time really flies.

suay-fully, my favourite western food stall was closed *rawwrrrrr!!! so i had fish soup beehoon... =( didn't take a picture cos i not happy, can??

nothing else interesting happened today, so to finish off the week, i shall hand out some glossy postcards taken from my random years of travelling...

they only start from 2002, when i started picking up photography... and of course, there will be more to come in the following years, so if you're interested you can follow my blog haha ^^

paris, 2002 june
walking towards the arc d'triomphe we crossed a bridge. where statues perched on the towering pillars told a story of past and present victory. and what a victory it was, juxtaposed against the setting sky...

2003 december, india
i tried to zoom in on a family of wild elephants. they were grazing by the river, a family of 3 with a child. then i looked beyond that and saw the sunset, setting the river alight in scintillating hues...

2004 july, cambodia siem reap
repose. a hot day demands for a cool drink. cambodians welcome american dollars as readily as a child reaches out for candy...

2009 april, japan tokyo
bryan on a train. an uncharacteristically empty tokyo train. where did we come from, where were we going?

2010 started with shanghai, and i'm going greece in april and paris again in july? haha, busy busy year flying around the globe... =)

well, all good (and bad) things eventually come to an end!

here's wishing everyone a wonderful 2010. and oh, a 'zi pai' photo for a *wave, flash brilliant smile, "world peace"* finale...