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22 February 2010

Day 1 : the mystery of furryfish*s BAG.

Sunday night, and i'm doing some checks on my bag, making sure I've got everything I need for work tomorrow. (a habit i picked up from my schooling days, and which i find particularly useful now, as i'm usually in a rush to be out of the house in 10mins from the time my foot first touches the floor.)
Okay. To be honest, i usually have MORE than what I need in my bag. I'm a veritable Doraemon with magical pockets that produce almost anything that myself, and the people around me need.
this is the current bag that i'm using. its a random bag i got from a trip to Bangkok.
its PINK... and very not me. but its LARGE.
by LARGE, i mean that it can fit a hard mousepad. =D

in total, these are the 12 items which i almost ALWAYS have in my bag

No. 1
i like to keep my gadgets separate. all in one things like the iphone do not appeal to me.
this is my new camera. the panasonic Lumix aka Lulu!
eliza has the exact same camera as me. its a semi-pro and i'm still learning how to use the functions.
i was previously using a canon ixus... the wideangle one... i think its was the 960is?
but i lost it in Shanghai.
its a pretty popular model, still selling strong after its launch date 1.5 years ago.

is a PSP. well, actually this is classified as one of the random things in my bag. i'm not a console fan, and i actually hardly use my psp. its in my bag tonight because i need to get the LCD screen FIXED.

No. 3
thats my ipod classic. black, of course, although you can't tell cos its in a rubbery casing.
next to it is the Razer Accessory Pouch, in which i put my already-cased ipod.
i'm psychotic that way...
the white earphones are Razer Morays...
No. 11
and i always carry a second set of Razer Moray+ (this one has an in-line mic) in case i need to use my blackberry bold for a longgggggg call. (yes, its compatible!)

No. 4
this is my wallet!
its a simple black affair, with coin pouch and plenty of space for cards.

i realised that i have about 5 currencies inside right now... ringgit, ren ming bi, thai baht, canadian dollars, and singapore dollars.
its accumulated from all my overseas trips in 2009!
i seldom clear out my wallet... so... don't dig around inside unless you're prepared to face the unknown...
my primary 6 photo ! (12 years old) i look like a little boy...
the photo is used on my old bus pass (which i keep because i'm sentimental) and my identification card.

and i always keep some mouse feet with me in my wallet. together with an alcohol swab...
psychotic right!
but, thats cos i need it for No. 5
which is... my Razer Copperhead. (currently protected by a Razer Wristband)
this is my mouse of choice, and incidentally, its the mouse the whole team currently uses now.
its not too big for our hands, has a great grip, and ON BOARD MEMORY!
so... WHY do i carry a mouse around?
its actually a habit from when i used to go out ALOT with gaming friends... (in my pre-work days, of course)
and you never know when one of them will get the itch to play and drag the whole bunch into a LAN shop.
and man... it SUCKS to be caught without a mouse in that situation cos LAN shop mice generally blow.

No. 6 is my office blackberry which i'm required to keep with me at all times.
its a mega hardy model, and its got the side-scroll which i love so much.

No. 7 is my key chain, attached to a Razer Lanyard.
i've got a bottle opener (in the shape of a pengiun) attached to it,
a patch of kangaroo hair from xMusiCa aka Kirai
my DBS internet banking devide thingy
and a LED light. cos my house is really dark at night, and i don't fancy stepping on a snake as i make my way in.

No. 8 is REALLY worth looking at!!
upon closer inspection, you'll realise that this little metal box has the words "Love Box" on it.
yeah... its that condom brand. LOL!
i saw it on an advertisement at a bus stop, and i fell in love with the design on the box...

and this is what i put inside it!
my SD cards, and SD card reader, nail clipper and tweezers.
the metal box protects everything nicely!

No. 9
random cables.
currently in my bag are - BB usb cable, and ipod usb cable
NOTE : look at what i use to fasten the wires in a neat bunch. these little metal strips are the MOST UNDERESTIMATED thing ever. they are SO VERY useful!

No. 10
my beloved blackberry bold.
this one is my personal line, and encased in a dark blue rubbery case from my cousin =)
CANT live without this!!
some apps on my bb include uber twitter, facebook, msn, Bible, dictionary, and push mail to my personal email, as well as team.asterisk email.
i also discovered a software which lets you customize the LED light of the bb!
so now i can program special colours for my girls, and i'll know who is calling me by one look at the colour.

No. 12
random objects which you can find in my bag.
currently, a metal spoon ( ?! )
and ticket stubs for the imaginarium of dr. parnassus.
(which dawn kept calling imaginary aquarium or something...)
watched that one with a big group of people - my teammates and their bf's/husband and other good friends!


cool bag yeah!

[Edit @ 6.58pm]
ooh... i just remembered 2 other items which i ALWAYS carry around.
one is a LARGE water-bottle (at least 700ml), because i try to drink only distilled water,
and the other is a Pilot G2, blue, 0.7mm. yes. very exact, very psychotic.
the ink is refillable, and i always put a 0.7mm refil into a 0.5mm casing, because the 0.5mm casing is clear.
i think i have OCD.