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23 February 2010

day 2 : what you wished you knew about furryfish*

My day has been absolutely interesting. I have managed to receive a lot of information without actually asking for it.
Unfortunately, its all not to be shared =/
I hope your monday was great though!
I will be taking questions - you can either post them in the comments here, or on facebook. Basically. Wherever I will notoce them. And I will do my best to reply the DECENT not too personal questions here on FRIDAY.
So... Ask away!

So, I was overly keen on getting down to writing about stuff that I overlooked the fact that some of you readers may not know me.
I apologise for my oversight =) it was unforgiveably presumptuous of me...
Most people outside of gaming know me as Tammy. My closer friends call me variations of my name, as all close friends do.
The gaming community would know me as furryfish. Or furry. Or fishfish. Or fishie... or some variation of my aka.

the furryfish.
but thats not where i got my nickname from.
(that will be revealed on friday)

thats me as a 1 year old. on the extreme left.
don't you think i'm the cutest thing ever...
and i have no idea where my curls went...

i like sexy girls... well.. i like looking at them, at least.
this one's my current favourite.
(hey! at least i admit it! how many of you out there DON'T like looking at sexy girls??)

and i love birds. the kind which have feathers when they grow up.
i. really. love. birds.
back in secondary school, i used to volunteer at the Jurong Bird Park during my holidays.
another fact about me : i live in Changi.
so that means... during nov/dec when everyone else is snoozing in their beds and procrastinating completing their homework, i'm waking up at 5-6am from mondays to fridays to travel 2hours by public transport to Boon Lay for a full day of birdiness.
and it may sound strange, but i like watching them dip their heads down to peck at things, with their posterior held high.
ANYWAY. enough about birds.
i could go on at lengths about those delightful creatures.

i also work at Razer... i'm a die-hard fan of their products. which explains why i've purchased/obtained/use so many things from there.
this is my current copperhead, with the LED's tweaked to white.
love it.

I'll post up a picture of my rig sometime early tomorrow... Do check back here and read through old posts, as I have a habit of editing and adding on.
For now... Its time to sleep.


thats how my gaming area looks like. its actually NEATER than normal (even though it might not seem so...), cos i took the picture right after i cleared up my room yesterday.
i do get into fits of "this needs to be cleaned and neatened RIGHT NOW!!" and proceed to go into a cleaning frenzy..
and i just realised that you can see my reflection in the monitor.
i hang random large pieces of cloth across my window cos i'm waiting for my new blinds to arrive!
they are gonna be VERY VERY DARK and BLACK, because i cannot sleep with light and noise.
i'm a very light sleeper.
and its gonna help block out the searing hot sun in the afternoon.
to the right of the picture, is the SMM 2009 tag. hah... i didnt even realise it was there til i took the picture.

thats my desk at the office... its a glorious mess as always, even though i did attempt to make it look neater before i took this photo.

and this is the part of the office that i can see from my desk.
its quite empty in this pic, cos we were all celebrating chinese new year and watching a lion dance.

and this is how we have our Yu Sheng at the office!
we toss it on the pool table at the rest and recreation area!


  1. aren't there peachicks in the bird park?

  2. that girl is seriously freakishly white. like a pontianak. and the angle of her head... makes it easy to imagine she can turn it 360 degrees.

  3. your eyes pa stamp. I know their taste, like sff!

  4. Now. That is one of the more interesting ways to do Yu Sheng. New question. Whats your work like at Razer?

  5. If ur talking abt is, I am currently typing English. If you are talking abt was, I was typing what a typical Singaporean would type. Oh well, you wouldn't know what is a sff though.

  6. blueberry - my day 3 should give you a good idea.