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24 February 2010

day 3 : 24 hours of being furryfish*

i'm gonna do something different for day 3. its gonna be an hourly account of my activities. (i'm gonna try to make it here every hour for the next 24hrs, unless its impossible for me to.)
expect fewer photos and more text =D
so... lets start with 12am.
12am : started playing a pub game with kimchi in sg room 5. she picked potm, and i randomed furion.
1am : 4v5, opponent's drow left, but we lost. oh well. unsatisfying night of dota. but glad i got to play 2 games with a malaysian girl! she seems nice and... more importantly... rational.
currently mooching around randomly surfing and checking out facebook.
2am : I'm ready to sleep, and I'm lying on my bed with my blackberry... This means that I'll be chatting with people on my mobile msn till sleep takes me... Which should be in an hour tops...
So... Good night world! Hope you all get tons of nightmares of me tonight.
10am : rawrrrr morning... totally not my time of the day. i have already cleared my emails at work, had discussion a about the Razer Mamba, and even gone for chiropractic treatment. breakfast is always some kind of fruit. today its pineapple juice without ice.
11am : AHHH there's an indian man using the female toilet at my work place. walked out of my cubicle and saw him wash his hands then go into a cubicle. (who washes their hands BEFORE peeing??)
12pm : lunch breakkkkkkkkkkkkk... office provides lunch daily, i'm somehow not that hungry yet, so i'll go find food a little later. talking to my girls on msn <3
1 pm : thought of the hour "a fact is something that is believed to be true or real. so in actual fact, there is no such thing as a fact, because different people can perceive it differently."
if i look at a red box, i assume everyone looking at that box also sees that it is red. it might just be that another person sees the same box, but its black to him. BUT, just because from young, he was taught that "black" is "red", so he calls it s red box too.
ok. i'm sorry if you don't get it. but its just a portion of my convoluted thoughts, which my brain is full of daily.
and apparently, there are lots of other people who wonder about that too...
i just went to google it !
all the talking in the world couldnt even prove that we saw the same colour red... (a random quote from some book that i can't remember the title of)
2pm : i have a riddle for u all! my colleagues came back after lunch, and asked me...
"how do you tell if a mouse is male or female?"
so she went around pointing out some mice...
this one is FEMALE
(its samantha's orochi)

fanny's abyssus is MALE

fiona's abyssus is FEMALE.
the answer next hour!!
LOL!!! kk back to work. but that raises questions on what gender my mouse is... 

4pm : was updating PR material... and i read through the sunday times article on my CEO.
here's the article if you wanna know more about the man behind the mouse...


5pm : going to the office toilet is an emo affair. not only because its far away, has the occassional indian man inside, its also outside where is searing hot.. and to get to it, you have to walk along a very bright hot corridor. when it rains, you have to be careful not to slip on the wet floor. sometimes when the rain is too heavy, we have to take an umbrella out just to go to the lavatory.
anyway... there's a birds nest somewhere in the roof on the way to the toilet. and well, everyone knows how much i like birds, by now.
so it makes me EMO to see this :
(on a side note, if u look carefully, you can see skatescooter marks on the floor. we used to scoot around everywhere - before they carpetted the office)
6pm : its after office hrs! i have a renewed interest in Starcraft 2, so i went to take a look at a SC pro gamer Lee Jae Dong.
and this is the wiki link about him
140,000,000 won a year to play.
i'm gonna spend 7pm and maybe 8 pm eating and travelling... 
so... see you all when i see you all next!
AMAZINGLY... i knocked out when i got home, and only woke up for work in the morning!
its been a pretty stressful few weeks for me... so i guess i'm glad to have been able to have 12 hours of solid sleep.
( as a side note to add on what i do in the mornings, i like to take a quick look through my msn today pop up. you get interesting articles like this
and videos like thiss!!!  <-- ITS FASCINATING!! )


  1. kim is a kitteh. see it both starts with k. =X

    2 cute guys: study? like what lol masters?

  2. oh nice she finish alr. =( im ashamed of earlier ignorant comment.

    philosophy seems a way to open your mind up to new stuff to be confused about.

  3. your mouse is a casanova that goes around singapore having sex with diffrent computers. kinda like a promiscous na'vi.

  4. You are using my name as your link