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25 February 2010

day 4 : furryfish* VS the world!

i'm gonna do a comparison among the most favourite things / people in my life!
(or in some cases, the things/people i like the LEAST)
please note though, that these are MY PERSONAL OPINIONS, and they do not represent my sponsors, teammates, team, company in ANY WAY.

My Favourite Game : DOTA vs World Of Warcraft
dota keeps me hooked cos of the teamwork. and its great to play with the girls, i love the progress we make, and the (sometimes) interesting things we come up with. the team also takes feedback well, and even though we might bitch about gameplay, we all <3 each other IRL.
dota is full of immature gamers whose idea of having a good time is to feed as much as they can in the game, take every creep wave they can possibly get to and ruin the last hitting for those who can ACTUALLY last hit.
oh.. then they decide to bm you non stop in channel or private message, when its just clearly obvious you're ignoring them
take this nublet, for example, who was getting pk-ed in ggc channel by other people who were in a game that he just left. i just woke up... and i'm channel admin in that room.
me "wha.. why early morning come kpkb in channel..." *kpkb basically means, kick up a big fuss*
he "mind your own business"
me "err ok... then i won't bother looking into why you're banned in room 4, and maybe i should just ban you in this room too since people are saying you just left the game"
(at this point, the other people in the channel are trying to tell him he's dumb and to shut up, and telling me to just ignore him)
me "apparently your command of the english language isnt that good"
he "oh you wanna fight english ah? my command is perfect ok, come. i DARE YOU, BAN ME LA"
(i proceed to ignore him and talk to other ppl in channel to get a game going, while he continues to hurl abuses about how i'm a big f*** and abusive and humji etcetc) *humji means coward, for a better explaination please refer to this link*
THEN. he follows me into game, feeds 17 times, but by virtue of having good teammates, his team wins. then he bm's in ALL chat "GG NOOBS". his teammates quickly write in All chat : no la, they not noob. wp wp...

WoW is more independant, unless you're in a guild - which i am not, because wow to me is an escape from having to deal with other online personas. sometimes, i just wanna play ALONE, and do my own thing, without getting my blood pressure up because of random noob, irritating teammates.

My Favourite Teammate : pinksheep vs MsJovial
dawn (pinksheep) is the teammate whom i plan things with the most. we bounce ideas off each other and go for partnership/sponsor meetings together. as a result, we spend roughly 5 hrs a day on average corresponding. by correspondence, i mean - msn, sms, phone, in real life.
we've managed to survive together since 2004/2005. thats 5-6 years!
how long is that? thats back in the time when Aeon.ToFu looked like this:

(don't click it cos the quality is really bad... it was taken with my 640x480 phone long ago)

for your reference, ToFu looks like this now...

and i was also her emcee and jiemei (which is the person who makes it hard for the groom to come and collect her in the morning, according to certain chinese traditions) for her wedding recently in december. =D

Eliza (MsJovial) is like my younger sister. she's a lovely girl, who's often misunderstood. i find her very much like me, in that when we're not happy with someone, we tend to be very direct about it, to the point of being caustic. WHICH i sometimes feel is better than bitching about the people you don't like behind their backs, like SOME OTHER people do.
Eliza used to find me SCARY, before she knew me. but i think i've toned down a lot since then, its been a VERY long time since i went rampaging and pwning people and yelling at them.
she also likes to mass take photos with me.. which i love using as my display pictures on facebook, and !

My Favourite Hero : LOA vs Omniknight
both are super good-looking, and both are actually the same person, if you played the campaign you would know. just that one is the good guy, and the other is the good guy after he went bad. bad and so so so imbal.
i have to say that the LOA now isn't as gay as it used to be, because of the nerf on the range of shield. but it still depends on the player to make it imbal!
omniknight is one of the first draft heroes i've played. i used to play it ALOT in in-houses when i was with rEv0... during the 5.84c time. my medusa was MEGA demanding, and he would always yell at me to shield/heal/repel. it taught me how to play a proper support.

Favourite Person to Lane With in DOTA : Linksysx- vs hime*

jonjon at SMM 2009. his team DsD won the Perak qualifiers top 4.

by jon's request! i have added this pic of both of us and a tiger at shanghai!

Linksysx- aka jonjon is, in many ways, the perfect person to lane with me. both of us are actually support players, but he has a "killing" edge to him - which means he can clear up and take down the opponent heroes. we think very similarly in game as well and he likes to skype! which means communication is GOOD.
because we think similarly, a lot of the large engagements work well too - like the one where he was sf, and i was tide. no need to communicate, both go in same time EVERY ENGAGEMENT and chut ulti together.
veli naise.
me and hime after training one day. queueing to eat gosu jap curry.
she always refuses to look at the camera one...
hime* has the BEST CHEMISTRY with me. out of ALL the players i've played with, i work the BEST with her. somehow we can own the lane without talking, or with very few commands. but... i haven't played with her in a long long time... i will tonight though!

Most NOT Favourite DOTA Personality :
MISERY. LOL. even though i don't want to give him the publicity.

will add on more later after training!
Favourite DOTA Team of All Time : the original Team Zenith
line up consisting of ToFuBoi, GPS, AntShark, ice, LuX
unbeaten for perhaps... a year, sweeping all 3 championship titles in RGN seasons 1-3, and countless CAPL medals, including lots of small compies, this team set the standard for competitive playing.
things which no one else thought of, and i don't just mean mechanics (for your benefit, sf), and not just gosu micro, and imbal strats - this team had the BEST combination of players.
lux with his perception and engaging, ant with his theory, ice with his "i shall do my own thing", tofu with his last hitting and gps with his feeding (which has its use too! haven't you heard of BAIT?)
imo, no other team has had such a steep learning curve, nor maintained its hold so strongly. anywhere, anytime.

EU Gaming vs ASIA Gaming :
Korea + China = 'nuff said.
Don't even try to dispute that.
(or... try. i'll listen, if you have good points)


  1. they were born and led all their lives developing their personalities just to play dota together in that particular five.



  2. dαяγւ™™ : says (12:27 AM):
    tammyy are there more dota players after you or normal people ?? xD xD n what kinda guys do u want? xD xD
    jst a random question
    (for me to remember for tomorrow)

  3. uhh... where did i miss out ant?

  4. korea is not a fair point to bring into a gaming debate between continents. it's like .59d undying. it shouldn't even be in the topic.

    i assume you mean gaming in general cuz koreans don't care about dota. when they're out of the picture it becomes a fair debate

    also, antshark's personality. STATE IT.

  5. lol. Misery isnt actually such a bad guy in real life. He just flames in games and so on. He doesnt really act like that.

  6. And @2 Cute guys. She was making a comparison of competitive gaming in general. I believe saying that Asia has a better scene than Europe in general is pretty true.

  7. blueberry : how WOULD you know how misery is like!
    2 cute guys : so.. ok, take out korea from asia, take out germany from eu ? and ofc its gaming in general. it would be way too myopic to just compare dota scenes.

  8. Dude. I work at I've talked to him a couple of times and he aint that bad. Also, my boss can vouch for this.

  9. good to hear that someone finally acknowledge the role of "BAIT" aka the one who die for the team ....

    like Mushi always call me MAKANAN. because i let people aim me so that my teammate can fat and kill them back so selfless

    i know i am amazingggggggg

    but yahh the original zenith has always been my favourite .. during their prime time they were way ahead of european top tier teams too bad lag took their glory away from them to prove to the world..

  10. blueberry : everyone have different persona in online or gaming...

    like me i am a badass in real life, but in the internet i am just a typical good guy.

  11. woah. What a huge statement coming from FLIZZARDO.

  12. LMAO i'm amused. (yes, that's my catch phrase)

  13. @Flizzardo. Agree on that. Just saying what I think about Misery thats all.

  14. hello tammy , do you have any news about iceiceice " retirement " from the dota scene [if he's coming back?] and what it is all about "furice" and "furryfish" ? :)

  15. maybe because he have to suck it up

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  17. oh my gosh... flizzardo is SUCH a cutie!

  18. Eliiza : trust me its really huge. around 4 inches like that

    2 cute guys : thxxx

    tammy is easily amused

  19. yeah, actually, i AM easily amused, especially when i'm on caffeine. don't know why people need alcohol for, when tea gives the same effect.

  20. wait what?

    tea contains caffeine ?????????

    u sure youre not smoking anything?

  21. *wiggles eyebrows and grins