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26 February 2010

day 5 : what YOU want to know about furryfish*

i'm mortified. i realised i started on the entry without any preamble.
so here is the edit.
as i said on day 1, day 5 will give you all the answers you want about me. here's a collection of the questions i've gotten, and my answers to them.

dαяγւ™™ : says (12:27 AM):
tammyy are there more dota players after you or normal people ?? xD xD n what kinda guys do u want? xD xD
erm... i have lots of people after me...
my girls are always after me for some issue or the other,
sponsors and partners are always after me cos they wanna collaborate,
i have a long queue of colleagues waiting to sue me for sexual harrassment (we trash talk around alot in the office)
but as for guys, i'm actually quite dense when it comes to them. i think i have an issue relating to guys on anything other than  platonic level.
what kind of guys do i want? the kind who can be good friends. LOL.
and well... as long as they are rational, and low maintenance - cos i'm already very tired out with life work family and team, they're welcome to have my acquaintance.
Ramona said...

hello tammy , do you have any news about iceiceice " retirement " from the dota scene [if he's coming back?] and what it is all about "furice" and "furryfish" ? :)
weeeheeheee... i think this question is best posed to ice himself. but, afaik, he's gonna enlist soon, and he might be considering signing on.
and why the name? cos FUR IS GOSU!
Terrence Wong Why are you named furryfish?
i used to play standard wc3 back in 2003, and i used to have 2 good friends to play 3v3 arranged team with me. one of them was eating marks and spencers fizzyfish, so he created that new account, the other friend saw and decided to emulate the name and created fuzzyfish. as a result, i was peer-pressured into becoming a fish as well, so i chose to be a furry one. cos, as i said earlier, fur is gosu.
Terrence Wong Is Shizuma going to be a permanent addition to PMS?

If so, are you going to step down as PMS*'s starting 5 to a more managerial role?
Now, thats a toughie. tough because part of me wants to concentrate on managing - especially since we quite badly need a manager now, but part of me sees that we've just reached our second rung on the climb up the ladder - and i WANT to be involved in the playing.
time and energy is a great limiting factor when i have work and family committments, AND tied up with managing. it doesnt leave me much time or energy to actually play. in addition, pub games have so many quitters, and draft games are so hard to start that i ts just difficult to get some quality game time.
currently though, i'm still gonna be playing.
as for shizuma... *winkz

Jonathan Nana Chan whats your fav song?
i have A LOT of favourite songs!! i like songs because they sound nice, not because i'm a fan of the band/singer. there are only a couple of genres that i don't fancy - blues and jazz.
let me list -SOME- my all time favourites, from different genres:
dj mango - eurodancer
gackt - last song
frou frou - its good to be in love
annie lennox - love song for a vampire
evanescence - even in death
the script - the man who can't be moved
we the kings - heaven can wait
within temptation - all i need
Jack Woo can i noe all the replies for all the post on this Asterisk Pms fan club, is reply by who? is it every week diff people?
it depends on who logs in! but we all have access to it.
Willie de ElcapitanoSejuty do you play in garena or bnet ? cause, the latest PMS replay only at iron lady competition. Did tammy Tang already married? hmmm......^^
we all mostly play on garena. sometimes we play on LAN, and cynthia has her own australian programs which she plays on. you can refer to her earlier post if you're interested in knowing which!
and... well... no. i'm not married, but i'm unavailable too.
my married status was just something that i registered, in friendster too, because i find it dumb to change the status to reflect what happens in real life. i mean like... okkkayyy... i break up with my bf, and the first thing i will think of is to err... "change my fb status" (?!)
i suppose more people are asking about it now because i'm of marriageable age, as opposed to when i was... 16? 17? when i first registered accounts with that status.


  1. 10x for the answers :D , i don't know where to ask iceice he's hiding very well

  2. i was in cwr the other day and some foreigner come and beg to know where iceiceice is also.

    i felt like posing as him

    incidentally top ladder guy is some furice.

  3. xjapan the last song > gackt last song

    nothing personal i just dont like gackt because my spoilt little sister crazy about him.. girls pathetic.

    hehe me and my friends used to like iceiceice because he always play weird heroes and roams around..

    Zenith takes winning to the next level.. they dont just win they likes to win in style (which one of the reason why they lose sometimes i guess LOL)

    by the way i kinda agree on the FB i dont know whats with people and their fascination to update fb relationship status.. for me attached or not i prefer to put single because regardless of being attached or not i am always i am allowed to have four wives

  4. nobody asked for your opinion.

  5. its okay i am just just sharing my experience and my opinion as one of god of dota

    because i dont think iceiceice receive the credit he deserve (he deserve much more)

  6. like only you know. Duh... and also why talk so much when you can't give what he deserves?


  7. go back watch wild thornberry la u

  8. Quote: "but as for guys, i'm actually quite dense when it comes to them. i think i have an issue relating to guys on anything other than platonic level."

    I know someone who talks like you from Rj as well. You're 27 right? She's 27 too, and she went to NUS as well. At first I thought she was gay... Apparently not ... I'm guessing you're not :S