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01 March 2010

Team News: =Þinksheep*'s birthday

Like all women my age... I'm 28 this year. =)

A small affair was held last Saturday at home, and family and friends popped by for a BBQ.

all dressed and dolled up for the party // dress: hula&co

First to arrive was Starcraft Singapore No.7 De-J-cup Yong at approximately 5.30pm. He's a funny guy and having him around always livens up conversation (for reasons only we know but cannot disclose). >.<"

Famous words from the No.7 in Starcraft Singapore: "WHAT? I'm the first? WTH?? I thought I was late."

Jacob is a very old friend. In fact, he's my oldest friend in competitive DotA. Aside from being 44 this year, I got know him way back in 2005 (Tammy's the second!) where we were all in a clan called rEv0. That also means that I've known him for more than a sixth of my life. *appalled.

And since we're onto storytelling let me share another strange and largely unknown story regarding J-cup. During Tammy's 21st, when the rEv0 bunch were dining in her garden, Tammy's mother told Jacob "to get some food for his girlfriend". She then gestured to me, confirming my worst suspicions. Of course, there's no truth in it. J-cup belongs to Kerrigan.

Second on the list of gamers to arrive were Tammy, Joseph and Michael, who promptly migrated to the pit to help start the fire. Josie is an excellent fire attendant. If there was a star rating involved I'd give him 5/5.

Joseph keeping the fire burning... while Tammy, Jacob and Michael looked on.

Tammy has been a friend and teammate for 5 years, like most of you would know. Aside from losing and winning games together, we share an obsession with drinking tea. I can possibly go on for a bit about other strange preferences we have... but this is one that we definitely don't:

Tammy enjoying herself on the swing. Although this is just upstairs I very rarely sit on it. I've only ever sat once and didn't quite like it.

To learn more about her, check out the posts last week that feature "a week in the life of furryfish*" =Þ

Eliza was quite late, but she brought with her a pack of home-marinated chicken thighs and drumsticks which were seriously gosu. We cleared the whole lot within minutes.

Eliza chilling out ... notice that the sun's gone down.

I've known Eliza for around 2-3 years. First met her at GamingGiants Katong, the old hangout for LAN gaming in Singapore during a team audition. But it's only during the last 6 months that our friendship developed through the various trials and tribulations, from Bangkok to Malacca to Shanghai. She's usually quite cheerful and I'm sure you'll all agree she's good in front of and behind the camera. =)

Eliza also took some shots, and her photos are now up on her page, so add her to view them!

Last but not least was Jon, better known nowadays as PMS|Linksys-. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a shot of him cos he only stayed for about 5minutes (he had to rush off somewhere). This was all that was left of him:

Present! To be revealed later...

The cake was ice-cream Black Forest from Swenson's, and there are only two candles because it was impossible to stick the candles into the fast-frozen cake (note that we stuck it on the whipped cream >.<).

I actually ate a slice - something I wouldn't normally do cos I don't like cake. But this was sweet!

After dinner we all adjourned downstairs, to open presents, play LAN and gamble!! It's been a while since I last had so much fun opening presents. (I rarely host birthday parties. It's usually just a simple dinner with family.)

Presents from everyone. Jon's takes centrestage - see the white bear-sheep-thingie??

Agnes B charm + bag from Michelle, Leslie and the rest of the tribe.

CrossRoads headphones from Dean.

Jewellery from sister-in-law.

Chocolates from Jos!!

Tammy and Eliza made themselves at home, quite literally!

Tammy being a fish and Eliza being the bait on my bed.

Once a gamer, always a gamer. LAN games ftw!

This box kept a group of 4 going till 4.30am....

The Poker table.

The party ended around 4.30am, with Jacob trumping at the Poker table with $35 and Michael walking away with $6 worth of wins from the Mahjong table.

Although the group was small, I was very entertained. Thanks everyone!!


  1. i THINK that i introed dej to you!!! remember we all met for the first time at city hall interchange?!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. tammy: LOL really!! but I recalled talking to him online first leh. but you're probably right.

    thanks flizz.

  4. i will always remember how dej attempted to jump over the bush at ECP.

  5. LOL WTF.. almost succeeded OK? i was just too tired to jump lah

  6. @tam,dawn : i think we knew each other about the same time.. we were mass chatting in rev0 channel before we met up the next day at city hall interchange for some super early breakfast.. and tam was late for an HOUR!

  7. LOL. and i will always remember how tammy/dej/me stood in the middle of ECP road filter trying to flag cab (and tam was mass killing the snails - dej looking horrified).

    she still can be late for an hour... LIKE U KNOW. ON MY BDAY.

  8. HEY NO that day i wasnt late leh... it was EVENING wasnt it. and dawn was complaining about her hair. *as usual

  9. @ shan YAYA!!! the BUSH! lol!! miss those ECP tawning sessions... =\

  10. no ure supposed to come at 5.30 to help start fire!!! ~~ LOL NVM LA.

    yeah thick hair sux. let's go rebond it soon.