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08 February 2010

A week in the life of KIMCHI THE JUBEAT PRO

Hi everyone it's boring Kimchi's week to blog. Lol.
Life is superrrr crazy for me right now, being the last week of lessons in school and all.
And of course not forgetting CNY which is in a few days time~ I just realised I did most of my CNY shopping this year online :/ not sure if that's good or not.

Despite being busy hating school and exams, I still have time for Jubeat HOHOHO.
If you don't know Jubeat is, no worries I'm here to enlighten you LOL.

THIS IS JUBEAT. It's a music arcade game basically. There are 16 touchpads and you got to press the pads when they light up in accordance to the music! It's freaking fun!
Here's a video:

That's obviously not me, though I kinda hope I can be as good as that guy in the video -_-
I'm actually gonna be very bitchy by saying that I'm GOOD at Jubeat. Yeah come pk? I welcome challengers LOL. 

I'm actually crazy over music themed games. The first ever music game I played was O2Jam. And till now I still feel it's the bestttttt music game. But too bad, they have gone bankrupt. -_-
Others like Djmax, Pop town etc. Lol you name it I play it :/ Though there are some which I HATED. (au-cough-dition hinthinthint)
The best thing about music games is you can be tone deaf and still own at them LOL.

Okay I guess that's all. Kinda getting awkward......
Time for a joke.

One day, Doraemon met Hello Kitty on the street and Doraemon said hi to Hello Kitty very enthusiastically. But why did Hello Kitty ignore Doraemon?

Okay answers tomorrow! Woooooooo this is damn easy la. HEHEHEHE.


  1. mouthless cat


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  4. shop online?jesuslol. seriously you need to get out more , there is more to life than sitting infront of your computer playing internet.

    for god sake kimchi you are fast approaching 30 , you should do something about useful with your life , for starter get out more and get a job or something.

  5. see it's now so hard for people like flizz to troll, cuz they actually have to go through the trouble of setting up blog accounts

    80% of fun in this blog is gone with the cbox :(