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10 February 2010

A week in the life of BORING Kimchi - Day 2

Woo hi everyone.
I actually have NOTHING to blog about for today 'cos I spent my day lazing around.
Well that's before I remembered I watched The Vampire Diaries and before I went out for a movie!

The guys from The Vampire Diaries are quite hot hoho. Well, and the storyline is quiteeeeee interesting unlike Twilight which is romance romance romance~~~
But sometimes I feel that the show is so repetitive. There will always be school dances and events and vampires will show up and something bad will happen -_-
Nevertheless, this show is an interesting watch!

That's the female lead and the 2 male leads. I actually think that the female lead is hot even though she has this... very whackable face LOL

Okay and I just came back from the cinema. Watched 14 Blades and it was decent, better than what I expected actually. :/
Qi Yu Wu was super sucky -_- his acting was SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR fake. And I was surprised at how cool and suave Wu Zun is in the movie :/ and I'm not a fan of his!
+++ Donnie Yen is DAMN fit omg his abs and his biceps~~ grigri should feel ashamed! LOL grigri is my boyfriend by the way.
The story is not very interesting actually, but the fighting and action made the movie watchable. Even though there were some parts unexplained -_-

~~ bah... joke time.
Answer for yesterday's joke is:
Hello Kitty didn't answer 'cos it doesn't have a mouth! (laugh)

Okay so today's joke is:
Realising that Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth, Doraemon pulled out a magic pen from his magic pocket and drew a mouth for Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty then said hi to Doraemon excitedly but why did Doraemon not answer Hello Kitty and walked away?


  1. that is how guys should act to attain girl's love and attention. well done doraemon. stomp on her feelings even more for wanting to be friendly to any other guy except dear daniel

  2. "The best way for a guy to get the girl is TO IGNORE HER"

  3. because doraemon dont have ears

    oh god.. lord.... jesuslol .. i am soooooooo god damn smart

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. not bad flizzardo i purposely refrained from answering this time cuz i knew you could do it. well done.