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11 February 2010

A week in the life of Kimmmmchi - Day 3

Hoho it's baking day today! :D
Went to my friend, Jerry's house after school today to bake some cupcakes for Valentine's Day!
I decided to do this early 'cos Valentine's Day falls on the first day of Chinese New Year this year. Hehe. I actually wanted to buy these pre-mixed packs from MUJI 'cos they look super nice and interesting in an advertisement I saw on 8days. BUT to my horror, they were sold out EVERYWHERE. -____- wth....
So back-up plan = this.

And then we starting taking random pictures while waiting for the cakes to finish baking.
+++ the reason why Amanda (another friend) and me are so far apart from Jerry is to prevent JEALOUSY from boyfriends LOL. Better be safe than sorry!

Woo uber white---------------

That's my kinda mutated heart-shaped dark chocolate cake -_-
It look kinda cute though lol. The cake is super easy to make 'cos it's pre-mixed too! Jerry and I bought the mix from ShengSiong lol. And Amanda was CRAZY with the Herseys chocolate chips and she kept putting an insane amount of them in the cupcakes -_-

That's it for today!
I'm thinking if I should snip my hair off tomorrow. Cut it short! Should I dye my hair? But I've never dyed my hair before! And I have always said I will never ever do any shit to my hair lol. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Anyway answer for yesterday's joke is 'cos Doraemon has no ears so he can't hear Hello Kitty hohoho. Bye!

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  1. kimchi will you be my valentine? i think i've fallen for you