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Team Sponsors

09 March 2010

Female Gaming - the inside story.

The LIES of female gaming.

I’ve learnt to be skeptical of online gamers who declare they are female. For TWO main reasons.

Firstly, there are way too many young guys around who think it’s cool to scam people with fake identities and smurfs (no… I don’t mean the blue cartoon creature), just to get a quick attention high. It, of course, gets even better when GIRLS ask GUYS (of course, it’s a guy who can play better than themselves) to use their ACCOUNTS just so their NAME can own and people will go WOW SHE’S NOT JUST HOT (almost ALL females who play games are considered HOT, btw, by virtue of not being the 95% of the population of gamers who are NOT HOT males) , SHE PLAYS WICKED TOO!!

Secondly, female gamers who openly declare their gender in online games are probably looking for something more than satisfaction from playing a game. (Don’t make me spell it out for you.)

Generally, I don’t take any girls into my team, who are unwilling to meet up at least once in real life for a LAN outing. An online gamer is always male to me, unless proven otherwise.

Oh, and it doesn’t help when overrated girls come along… and they are highly recommended because 1) they are “good for a girl’s standard” or 2) they “own in pub games” (or draft games).

Its total crap, because we compete against guys – there are no all female tournaments out there (YET), and because, any tom dick or harry (tina, diona or haley for that matter) can own in a pub game. And simply because these overrated girls have been praised non-stop by adoring BOYS, they develop a “red-carpet attitude” and expect the whole world to kow tow to them.

SORRY, but in case it hasn’t occurred to you, WE’RE all girls too. And we GET OUR HANDS DIRTY and WORK HARD FOR WHAT WE WANT.

SO WHY SHOULDN’T YOU? (Unless you’re INCAPABLE of it. In which case, you should just give up the idea of competitive gaming, sit at home all day and cry about it. Or better still, BLOG about it so that I can come across it and laugh with my darling dawn about it).

The HARD WORK behind female gaming.

So you think it’s that simple, just throw 5 random girls (who preferably know how to move a mouse with one hand and coordinate it with the other hand on a keyboard) together and sponsors will come, and the team will become pin-up girls of the millenium.


Sponsors are actually really picky about who they want to carry their name – the GOOD sponsors (ie the ones who actually make it worth being sponsored) that is.

And, what makes you think that by the time you sign the sponsorship deal, you will (STILL) have a full team of 5 girls?

The rate of female competitive gamers entering and leaving a team is higher than yamateh’s creep kills per minute, and the problem about such a rampant quit and join situation in this case is: THERE AREN’T ENOUGH GIRLS OUT THERE TO REPLACE QUITTING MEMBERS WITH.

So, for those of you out there who have high hopes about having a long term all girl team, get to the stage where your members don’t quit for… perhaps… 2 months? THEN you can start hoping it MIGHT work out.



Views expressed here are the author’s own, and do not represent the Clan or the Team, or her company.


  1. maybe i'm easily amused but this is terribly funny.

  2. pathetic... typical male dota players would submit to female dota players and become their slave

    clinging to the small hope that one day he might be able to get laid with her.

    many female dota players impressed by my incredibly awesome imbaness ggness skills but none of them manage to manipulate and use me because i am not that desperate and stupid

    anyway girl gamers are overrated but we cant deny that these gamers give hope to male gamers who never spoke (even if its only garena msg lol) to other women besides their mom and their teacher.

    anyway any noob be it girl or guy can own in a pubstorm with a good male player leading and supporting him/her , because there are so many retards in pubs

    ooooooohhhhhhh and talking about not any 5 random girls can get sponsorship ..yea who the hell want to sponsro 5 porkchops sponsorship isnt about charity yo its about branding

  3. -ignoring all the paragraphs except for your last one.

  4. i am sorry if i hurt your feeling when i used the word porkchop

  5. HAHAHA! Cool fliz is flaming his '5 random girls' who can't get sponsorship! (-I like) ^^

  6. LOL flizz you should write an article too.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. lol why this 2 cute guys's comment always got removed. i wonder what stupid things he said again.

  9. It's all part of his attention-seeking scheme. He can't say anything smart/witty so he does that. =X

  10. quite correct. i wrote a comment to seek attention. but i deleted it cuz i asked myself why was i writing comments in a blog about dota about a team i don't really care about.

    very bo liao i agree. thus tata you won't see me alr


  11. If you don't care, then why do you keep on coming back for more? =) Denial~~~

  12. i think he keep coming back for me....

  13. LOL you're funny flizzardo !!! Anyway girls keep your hard work and stick together !!!!!! I totally agree with what you say ! :D I'm really tired of those girls who get praised just because they are girls and tired of all those guys who think they are superior to us... that's why I train so hard to pwn them ! Seeing girls like you really cheers me up and gives me hope ! I think that my dream of playing DotA competitively may come true one day thanks to all of you !
    Your biggest fan ever,