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09 March 2010

Sat Training @ GameHaven

We had a great time on Sat at Gamehaven, and not just cos there's gosu food to eat around the area, DOTA games to play, and the company of the girls... but also because we renewed our contract with Gamehaven for another year.
PMS|Asterisk* would like to train with YOU on saturdays at Gamehaven. At LAN, of course. I mean, if we play online at home, you can very well say we're using a sub and its not really us. But on LAN, you can see us, and we can see you.
Interested teams, please drop us a comment or an email with your contact number and preferred Saturday. We are normally at GH from 2/3pm till about 8pm or so. But to avoid disappointment, do let us know in advance if you would like to come down.

And well, here's a replay that we have to share.
it was a warm up draft game in SGCWR against some friends, and its not full line up.
From mid rax downed, we managed to rax them back and win.
Get it [HERE]. Its also uploaded to our downloads/replays section.
Anyway, here's how our private room looks like :
thats Ant, with some gosu monstrous expression, and i censored Dawn's face cos shes giving an "eeks" face at Ant's comment.
Cosy room with 7 pcs.
There's even a phone so you can call the reception straight, instead of walking up a flight of stairs.

and this is what we always stare out at as we sit by the Singapore River and eat ice cream.
(Usually after a gosu Marutama Ramen)
Here we chat about life, amusing things, each other, and sometimes, the games we just played.

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