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04 March 2010

First night of Thursday's with Asterisk* - made possible by Garena

Its been a Great night of DOTA for the team - we're on a winning streak! (which is marvellous for me, cos i've been losing games the past few days =\ )
A BIG,BIG thanks to the teams who arranged to play with us!
We played against Team KNS (replay)
and later against a mixed team consisting of Ant, WaN, and xtc's Michael. (replay)
We did have a sub for the second game cos cynnie had to go off.
I've uploaded the replays in our replay section as well. If you're free, do take a look =D
We always welcome constructive comments.

Just to end off with an unrelated picture...
(click to expand. you HAVE TO!!)
thats my chihuahua, Raisin, looking up at me.

and that's my accidental finger, which looks really wrong.

(and just to piss Dawn off cos she hates the word)
and happy watching our replays.

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