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Team Sponsors

21 May 2010

HON Qualifier: Fly to Sweden and Shanghai!

We don't play HON, not yet anyway. But for those of you who might, I'm putting this up for your benefit. =)

HON Qualifiers at License2Play 2010

1st Prize: Champion team will get to (i) represent Singapore at Shanghai World Expo, Digital Youth Awards and (ii) fly to Sweden for Dreamhack Winter 2010.

Yes, you all get to fly to Shanghai AND Sweden if your team hits the jackpot. 2nd and 3rd Prizes are yet to be announced (but I am assured there will be).

Date: 28 - 30 May 2010

Registration Fees: S$25 per team

You can register 5 players and 1 reserve. If you're damn sure you're gonna win and don't have a reserve PLEASE PUT ME THANKS (cos I won't be in town during 28 - 30 May anyway hahaha).

GLHF. May the best team win. =)

Full details at

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