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24 May 2010

Pinksheep on Razor TV

The Prelude
Last Tuesday I was interviewed by Razor TV. Singaporeans might have already watched the video, or saw the excerpt in Straits Times' LIVE section that was up on Thurs. And tadah, here I am to share my experience before I leave for Greece on the midnight flight. The first time I was interviewed live, in silo, without the supportive presence of my PMS* girls.

So here's a little story, of me, about me, on that day I was interviewed by Razor TV.

The Account
It was just another ordinary Tuesday. I just recovered from a bad cough and was heading back to work. The sky was - like most Singaporeans - overcast with random beams. You can't predict whether it's gonna rain or shine the next minute.

Lunch passed peacefully. And as I was sipping my Lavazza expresso and stoning at my seat checking emails, a call came through my mobile.

"Hi Dawn," said a very cheerful voice. I was instantly suspicious. Insurance? Spa promoter? Telemarketer selling useless products?? Luckily she spoke faster than I managed to go not interested.

It was Vanessa from Straits Times' Razor TV, and she was interested to do a profile on me, a sponsored-to-play female gamer. At first I suggested Saturday, cos that's when we go down to train, and it'd be more fun having everyone around. But, she had to do it (die-die) by Tuesday evening, so dashed off an email to my boss, got on a cab and sped back home to dress up properly. (Cos I go to work in slippers, a tank top and jeans if I have no meetings for that day. So - not very presentable for television.)

So boring-featureless day suddenly become momentous and interesting for me. People who know me better will know how camera-averse I am. If there's a camera and there's me, 99% of the time I'd be behind, not in front of it. Plus my history of having stage-fright leaves bad memories. I was nervous, very.

The Interview
I met her at 8pm at Game Haven. With her came her senior (to supervise her) called Sean, and a camera man. To add on to my stress, I remembered that Razor TV was well-known for creating infamous "stars" like Ris Low. Er... so how I carried myself would matter. You never know what they will and can pick on.

She had prepared a list of questions, some of which she had prompted me with earlier. But there was no script, no pre-arranged questions, nothing was decided. Everything was going to be impromptu and looking at the face of the camera man, retakes didn't seem very likely. So I braced myself for the worst and took on the questions like a meh.

Watch the Interviews
They had it in two parts. Click on the pictures to link you through to the videos.

Looking back, it was actually quite painless - like a dreaded tooth extraction that turned out to be just a tongue scraping exercise. Thank you for the support from my girls, friends and family.

Till 7 June... !


  1. auntie dawn looked nervous haha..

    anyway hope u wont get murdered by some jealous PMS girl for getting in the interview

  2. Great interview, Pinksheep ^^