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31 May 2010

PMS|Asterisk* @ SG's License 2 Play Expo!

HI PEOPLE! Greetings from PMS|MsJovial* =) For the past 3 days, i've been working at License 2 Play (L2P) event held at Singapore Expo with Kimchi and Huayan! We were working for SCOGA, they held a Heroes of Newerth competition! Princess Council emerged champion and they won themselves a trip to Sweden and Shang Hai for DREAMHACK! SO SO SO COOL RIGHT!? Congratulations to them!

From left to right, (girls) Huayan, Kimmue and I!

Our jobs are quite easy and the people there are really nice and friendly. I love working with my girls! Heart them so much! I'm really glad that i get to know Huayan better! HAHAHA! PHOTOS! (Yeah, i'm dead beat after working 10 hours straight per day for 3 days and tomorrow i have to work in the morning again, a photo shoot, so i skipped the part of editing the photos.... Pardon..)

Yeah, my job is to be an observer and broadcast the on going match onto the ginormous television! Cool right? ^^

MORE to share with you guys! (SEE i'm so good!)........................

Cosplayers from MovieMania! Counter-strike! HAAHAHA! We were told to pretend that we're hostages! People there are really friendly!

WE LOVE THE CAMERA!!! Anyway, that ain't my real hair colour. It looked red because of the lighting. I'm standing right under the light bulb. My real hair colour is gosu! I recently dyed a lighter shade.

LIKE THIS! This is under the effect of the striking sunlight! I LOVE MY HAIR!!!! OH yeah, i chopped off my long fringe, it was poking my eyes. Got annoyed and off it goes!

MORE!!!!! Does this guy or character looks familiar to you? HAAHAHAHA! Nightmare of Elm Street! Again from cool MovieMania!

During lunch, Kimchi offered me some Buger King's onion rings. Shaped in CHANEL! LOL!


And we get to play HoN while working! How cool! Good job indeed!

Taken by Huayan's Lulu (Panasonic Lumix 3, me, tammy and huayan got one each!) I love black and whites!

White spag top, jeans, victoria's secrets' tight hot pink hoodie and simple hairstyle spells COMFORTABLE! That described my day! =) Contented!

Last but not least, i want to personally make use to this chance to thank xMusica aka Justin Yuen aka Justine, aka the army boy aka XTC.Mirai! LOL! As some of my friends knew, i wasn't really in a good condition for the past week. I got really ill, bad flu and throat inflammation, and i wasn't mentally stable due to some relationship problems. Practically, everything made me wanna cry from listening to a song, to stoning, eating noodles. Yes, i cried while eating. I'm such a noob. BUT I'M FINE NOW! EVEN BETTER THAN I USED TO BE! No worries!

 Well, what i wanna say is that, without Justin, i might not be able to accept the harsh reality that i'm facing. Thank you for making efforts in listening to my shitty life, thank you for understanding, thank you for the encouragements, thank you for making all the way down to Expo, thanks for the drink. He treated me to coffee bean and the server actually wrote his name on the cover as JUSTINE, with the 'E', like how i used to spell it when i just get to know him! HAHAHA! Nostalgic! He's sucha great friend!

Of course, my other friends, people like my lovely team who i know i can depend on, special thanks to Isaac, dpm, kelly and Hengky and Lux. Thank you.. You guys transformed my emo days into cheerful and memorable ones..Practically you guys saved me. I really appreciated everything that you guys have done for me. I love you all!


  1. DPM???

    you really need to get out more and start making real life friends instead of cyber friends.

    you look like you want suck freddy kruger.

    victoria secret hoodie???? we want to see you in vicotria secret lingerie plz

  2. hey thanks to all your help over the past 3 days! Was great meeting and working with you. I've put up my pictures of the event here, some of which includes yall: