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12 July 2010

Newsflash - PMS* Headlines for July

I met a PMS* fan in Singapore Room 20 yesterday and he asked if Asterisk* was inactive. And the answer is clearly NO we're not. If you have been following our Facebook, you'll know we have been doing lots of gaming-related stuff in addition to tournaments like WCG (we got through to second round, and lost to Maki/Guowen/Purify's team!!).

Here are some updates.

Dawn featured on ST Sunday Life!

=├×inksheep* on Straits Times Sunday 11 July (click to expand)

I did an interview for Straits Times - Life! on my favourite reads. It's an old list - I have been in love with these three for a good ten years now. Maybe you can suggest some new reads that will capture my interest?

Tammy fronts Game-To-Read Hour

furryfish* for GTR Hour

In the same vein, Tammy's also been "booked". Join the Game to Read group where you can take part in "Questions of the Day" to win GV tickets. (Obviously, only available to local participants, but you can take a shot at it as well.)

Eliza takes on a new role - as an actress!

msjovial* caught in focus behind the scenes

Latest on Eliza's plate is her playing the character of Proxy in an interesting Cyberwellness webisode that allows you to "Choose Your Adventure" for different outcomes. Keen to try it out? Stay in the loop for the announcement of the launch!

Eliza on playing Proxy:
"Wa... U know acting really not easy. Multi tasking and so warm in that suit. But I really learnt a lot along the way. Very good experience."

Tammy and Huayan back from ESWC Paris 2010

Huayan and Tammy in Paris, Disneyland

Look out for a dedicated post on this! Coming soon.

ESTC 2010 Winter - PMS* attendance confirmed
We have been invited to the annual ESTC Winter tournament in Bangkok Thailand. Tickets have already been bought. Tammy, Cynthia, Huayan and Eliza will be leaving on 12 October, Dawn and Kimberlyn on 14 October.

Last but not Least
Look out for us on Straits Times Sunday 18 July! Yup, we will be featured on Sunday Life so don't miss this.

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